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User Info: YodaCrackers

8 years ago#1
I was preparing to buy a new 360 wired controller and I heard all this talk about controllers having "slow turn" and affecting your gameplay experience. It always seems to relate to Halo. So is this a real issue with these controllers and does it affect games other than Halo?
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User Info: SquallWindblade

8 years ago#2
If your analog stick starts to get worn out, it will lose some of its sensitivity. This results in a slow turn effect.
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User Info: YodaCrackers

8 years ago#3
People claim the controllers come like this out of the box.
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

8 years ago#4
Basically what happens is if you push to the left slightly and leave it that way, itll stick a bit and youll continuously move left slightly.

Most games compensate for this by having what is called a Dead Zone, which means you have to push to a certain extent before the controller will respond, thus making this slow turn disappear because it's only a very slight movement.

Some games didn't account for this. I dunno about halo, I don't play shooters, but it's extremely annoying in dragon age origins when you're attacking something, and then you stop attacking and start moving left, interrupting you and wasting dps time.

It affects castle crashers and eternal sonata as well, but I think that's about it out of my 30ish game library.
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User Info: DeltaZero

8 years ago#5
I doubt this happens out of the box. It happened to my two controllers not long ago, but they were from launch day so old is old. I did kind of notice it on Halo, but it affects every game. One of my controllers had problems turning left and moving back, so running away was impossible. The other was worse because it had problems going forward, so my character would slowly walk forward instead of run. I ended up buying new controllers.

There is also the "slightly moving by itself" problem, which was horrible for sniping and other precision things, but not as bad as slow moving or slow turn.

User Info: RE2LeonS

8 years ago#6
Mine suffered from just friggin stopping. No matter what game I played my character would just stop dead in their tracks leaving me vulnerable to get destroyed. Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, didn't matter what game it was the analog stick was messed up.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

8 years ago#7
Delta Zero posted...
I doubt this happens out of the box.

The controller that came with my slim was gimped from the start. I sent it in and they replaced it. I've read other people say they've had the same problem.
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User Info: Duwstai

8 years ago#8
Lot of misinformation in here. There are plenty of problems with these controllers that happen over time, like analog sticks getting stuck so your character will continue moving when you let go... and other stuff like that.

But slow turn happens right out of the box. Im not sure about any of the newer controllers, but the older ones, more than 50% had this problem. It is a problem with the controller, but it only affects certain games. Ill explain in a min.

But slow turn is basically the analog stick not being able to move all the way in a certain direction. So even though you are pressing the stick right as far as you can push it (to say look right in an FPS game), instead of you quickly looking right, it will turn incredibly slow in that direction, almost as if you were just lightly pressing the stick right.. instead of pushing it as far right as it can possibly go.. It can happen on either stick, in any direction, or multiple directions.

Its a manufacturing problem. Im not sure what exactly causes it. People have guessed that the shell gets put around the controller just off. As in, less than a mm. If that analog stick cannot be pushed 100% in that direction (even if its 99%), depending on the game, it wont register as a full turn. So in games like halo 3, if you push the analog stick a little bit in a certain direction, you will turn slowly. Push it 100% all the way, and you will look fast. If the analog stick isnt allowed to be pushed 100% in that direction (like say the shell gets in the way of the stick continuing in that direction), it wont register as a full turn and you will continue to look slowly.

Its incredibly aggravating in a game like halo 3, where you get used to pin point accuracy, and turning in each direction at a very specific speed. Someone is shooting you off to the left, so you quickly go to aim left and instead your guy is turning at snail speed and gets 4 shotted before the guy even comes into your view.

So yeah, it doesnt happen with all games. Certain games like halo 3 you have to push the analog stick 100% in that direction to make it go full speed. Other games you may only need to push it a certain distance. Its the fault of the controller, but now adays it should be a known problem, and hopefully devs compensate for it by allowing you to move full speed by only moving your analog a certain distance, instead of 100%.
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