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(message deleted)

User Info: jasonthe123

9 years ago#492
Is it possible to get the RROD and have the 360 work for a very long time? ;]

I got the RROD Like a week after i got my 360. Which was Christmas of 2007 so its lasted over a year after the RROD. Not sure how long most last... So i just thought i'd try and get some info.
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User Info: DarkLink_Hyrule

9 years ago#493
jasonthe123, It is quite possible for it to last for a long time , but I'm thinking you got a false RROD. I think it can sometimes happen if the cords are not completely plugged in.
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User Info: jasonthe123

9 years ago#494
Oh. Well im not exactly sure but i thought i remembered the fact that we couldn't turn it off or change anything so we unplugged the power cord then plugged it back up. Unless that was loose or something then i think it was the RROD but i dunno. =P I was hoping to attempt to beat the record for having the 360 work the longest after RROD. xD
"When you ask someone's name, isn't it proper to give your name first?" - Stefan

User Info: Zargon19

9 years ago#495
So I just got my system back (technically it never rrod'd, but it was getting there with all the freezing), and the notices they sent me seemed to indicate that they had sent me back my original console. "We have repaired your console as per the warranty", and nothing about having sent me a new one. I hear that people who have received a new one get told as much. Also, they sent me a notice about how to redownload all my content so it will work offline, and so other profiles on the console can use it. I did all that, and neither of those things are able to happen. Why would they send me these notices if they did not ship me back my original console?!
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User Info: dratsab

9 years ago#496
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
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User Info: mrtzeentch

9 years ago#497
That happened to me too. Mine RRODed and now it works. I'm going to send it in since the warranty expires in a few months. Hopefully I'll get a Jasper.
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User Info: hak145

9 years ago#498
Guys i got a single red light flashing on my console and it is says er 74 so i turned it off disconnected everything then reconnected everything and turned it on but now its not showing anything on my television and the power button is showing a green light but non of the rings and showing green and i dont know what to do?
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I got RROD once but it fixed itself
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