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User Info: etid2010

9 years ago#451
yes you keep everything but your box

User Info: forgotmypen

9 years ago#452
Shot in the dark, probably, but for anyone that has sent in their console recently (within, say, 6 months), what kind of turnaround time am I looking at? I'd just like an estimation on how long I'm going to be xboxless. =( thanks.

User Info: thepsyche35

9 years ago#453
Mine was 13 days total (not business days), sent in at the beginning of December. And I'm not really close to Texas either. I was pleased with the performance.

User Info: Gurn Blanston

Gurn Blanston
9 years ago#454
Mine took a bit longer than that, but it was during Thanksgiving.
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User Info: frozenhotdogg

9 years ago#455
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: forgotmypen

9 years ago#456
thanks again, broskis.

User Info: RCS0926

9 years ago#457
"I got the Jasper. The system is 3 weeks old.
RRoD when I turned it on this morning. We have babied this system ever since we got it.

Wow. First report I've so far of a Jasper getting the RROD...

User Info: Red_Taragoshki

9 years ago#458
Quick Q, is the warranty an international one? As in it would be covered wherever MS has a presence? And what if I buy the console from another country? (Like buy in UK and bring it to Australia)

User Info: DarkLink_Hyrule

9 years ago#459
Red_Taragoshki, I would assume every console has the 3 year RROD warranty. They take the serial number from the back to see when it was produced. If it is within 3 years it's repaired for free.
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User Info: kwarantine

9 years ago#460
Contributing to this topic on death by a red ring.
GT: Menace 117
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