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User Info: DarkLink_Hyrule

9 years ago#1
I created this topic in order to reduce the amount of RROD topics created everyday, with people asking the same question over and over again.

What does RROD look like?

RROD presents itself as 3 flashing quadrants out of the 4 on the Controller ring on the front of the 360.

Heres a fairly good picture:

What causes RROD?

RROD is a result of long term heat of the CPU and the GPU against the motherboard that caused it to “warp”. This warping issue causes the solders that were used to mount the motherboard to have lots of tension on them. They become brittle and develop hair-line cracks. It isn’t until the hair-line cracks form that you get the red ring of death.

I got the RROD who do I call about getting it fixed?

1-800-4MY-XBOX. You'll most likely have to go though a very annoying recorded conversation until you finally get to talk to an actual person. They will set everything up at no cost to you. Make sure you write down the service request/reference number that the agent will give you.

How much does it cost to replace the 360 after RROD?

Nothing, Microsoft will replace you 360 for free as well as pay for shipping costs. You are given a 3 year warranty when you purchase the 360.

I got the RROD, I turned the 360 off and now it's working again. What's happening?

This will happen, it could still last for a while. You can still play for a little while, but eventually it will die completely. Just call Microsoft and save you self some trouble.

How do I ship my 360 out for repairs?

When you call Microsoft you will get several options. Sometimes they will send you a prepaid box and all you have to do is pack your 360.
Microsoft may just send you an email with a packaging sticker that you have to print out. You will have to find you own box to send out. This method is actually faster since you can bring your box to UPS as soon as you want. It can take about a week or so to get the box when Microsoft sends it to you.

What do I need to put in the Box?

Just the 360 (as well as the packing styrofoam), it is important that you take off your Hard Drive, take out any disks that are in the tray, and take off any custom faceplates. If you forget and send them in you will not get them back. Also, tape a piece of paper with the reference number that the agent you spoke to gave to you on the 360.

How long does it take to get back?

It depends on where you live and your shipping service. It can take between 2 weeks and 1 and a half months. You can track where your 360 is with the tracking number, using the shipping service website.

Where do I find tracking number?

You can visit and click support.Click the repair agent section on the right side then enter the number that the support agent gave to you. It should be 10 digits long. You should also be able to find the service request number in the email that Microsoft will send to you.

Will I get my old 360 back?

It's highly unlikely that you will get your old one back now. Microsoft will send you either a refurbished one or a brand new one. Microsoft is sending out new ones that have an upgraded chip in it to reduce the chance of RROD happening again.

So there it is everything you should need to know about RROD. And what you should do if you get it. Hopefully I didn't forget anything and I hope this helps.

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User Info: Freakwave003

9 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Zthunder2

9 years ago#3
Yeah. This definitely needs a sticky. Good job man.
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User Info: Bl4d3Gunn3r

9 years ago#4
Thank you for reading this extremely poor signiture. You have officially wasted part of your life reading this. You should stop now! You're wasting your time!!

User Info: johnnyboy24

9 years ago#5
Very good job, I requested a sticky for you. Nice work.
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User Info: DarkLink_Hyrule

9 years ago#6
Gamertag: GrimDarkHart
Currently Playing: Halo 3, Dead Rising and The Orange Box

User Info: ikeykid

9 years ago#7
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 + Online + HD= Crack.
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User Info: lxXDRAGONXxl

9 years ago#8
red ring of death

User Info: Starion

9 years ago#9
Would questions about what happens to your arcade games/save files when you get/replace an RROD console apply in this thread?
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User Info: zillazero

9 years ago#10
Starion - you don't send in your HDD so no need to worry about game saves, music, vid, demos, etc. That stays at home with you. Just the console sans HDD goes to MS for repair.
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