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User Info: XiahouDun73

9 years ago#451
why do they have to limit topics at 500 posts?
What's the difference between Bill Clinton and the Titanic?
Only 1500 people went down on the Titanic.

User Info: Senor_Misterio

9 years ago#452
oh, the ending is terribly bittersweet. Air Bud is playing against the evil intergalactic wolf team (they cheat of course) but with only one second left Air Bud dunks the ball beating them 121-120. Just one point!!!!!

During the victory celebration, Air Bud gets a cough and soon they find out that one of the wolves bit him during the game and now he has rabies!!!!! so Air Bud is dying and it is so so so so sad and Josh is going to have to shoot Air Bud before he turns mad and kills them all but Air Bud loves Josh so much he rushes off and eats so much cat poop out of the litter box he commits suicide!! Josh cries and his family cries and his coach cries and the whole town cries even the evil wolves and then I start crying too because its so so so sad BUT THEN AIR BUD GETS BACK UP!!! he didn't really have rabies!!! and he didn't die from eating so much cat poop he was just really really full and had to lay down to take a nap and now everyone is so happy they are screaming and laughing and even crying some more and Air Bud jumps up on Josh and licks him all over the face and Josh is happy even tho Air Bud ate at least a couple pounds of kitty dookie and has really bad breath but it doesnt matter becuase the only thing that really matters is that air bud is alive and then i cry even more because it is such a beautiful ending they just dont write movies like that anymore.

you should rent it again.

User Info: kermitgonepsyco

9 years ago#453
It's always good to see that you are still insane and you are still writing this. Thanks man.
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User Info: Senor_Misterio

8 years ago#454
bah, sounds like a chick flick. too many cats in there.

User Info: Senor_Misterio

8 years ago#455
I think I'm going to start taking my medication again

User Info: wanderingshade

8 years ago#456
Do you or do you not have tattooed on your bottom the words "Jesus is coming - look busy"?

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