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User Info: Zoma121

9 years ago#1
I got this game on Christmas and am about 2/3 of the way through it. I wasn't waiting years for this game like a lot of other. I was having trouble putting a list together of what I wanted as a gift, and then "I wonder what new adventure games have come out the last couple years?" popped into my head.

Here's my (hopefully mostly spoiler free) feelings on the game for anyone interested in buying this:

1. Graphics are good, about as good as any other adventure game I've played. I wish they had gone 3D rendered like Dreamfall or the last Broken Sword game that came out a few years ago, but I won't fault them for sticking with 2D (cheaper to make).

2. Sound and music is well done, but neither the music nor voice acting sticks out as being as especially good. That is, nothing close to either TLJ or Grim Fandango. They could have had a lot of nice ambient sound and creepy atmosphere for the setting. One thing to note is that the main character is supposed to be French, and the actress trying to do the voice sounds more like she's doing a bad Madeline Kahn impersonation. IMO, if they couldn't get someone to do a decent accent, that should have just played the character without one.

3. I found the writing to be pretty poor. There are WAY too many pop culture references that just seem to be worn out. And even the non-pop culture reference jokes rarely come across as funny. I can't put my finger on anything in particular, but the wit just doesn't seem as sharp as most other adventure games I've played. I guess it just tries to be funny almost the entire time, and it becomes grating after a while.

4a. There's far too much dialog for each interaction. Rather than being split up with many small interactions, you get a handful of long interactions in this game. I've always viewed adventure games as a mix between a movie, a book, and a game you're interacting with. A lot of this game feels heavily on the book side.

4b. This is in part to the interface. Instead of just inspecting each object, you also talk to it. There's also a virtually useless "fly to" option. If you're like me and want to experience everything in a game, spending 2-3 minutes hearing dialog about each item starts to become tedious after a short while. Again, going to many locales with a few items to interact with in each (and have most of the items you interact with be usable) seems to make a game flow smoothly and feel like a larger adventure than it is. Several times in this game, you'll find yourself in a single room interacting with a dozen objects (most of which have no purpose) for 30 minutes or longer, all the while wishing you could see more of the game world.

If I had to summarize my feelings about A Vampyre Story, I would say it feels like a pretty polished adventure game without much substance to it that begins to drag on after a while.

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