Graphical dual monitor bug?

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User Info: nomorgow

9 years ago#1
Does anyone else suffer from a problem where for some reason this game wants to run on your second monitor, and won't change no matter what you do? I have an nvidia 8800 gtx, with my primary monitor as a dell 20.5" widescreen over dvi, and my secondary monitor a 30" viewsonic lcd as dvi->hdmi. My setup is for dualview (unique resolutions in each screen), and I also run Ultramon to separate things out even more.

When I launch the game, it launches on my 2nd monitor, and even if i tell it to move to the other monitor by rightclicking the process in the taskbar, it won't move. Since the game cannot be run in a window or put in a window (as far as i know), I'm stuck with it in my second monitor.

Can anyone help me please?

User Info: juanitoleos

9 years ago#2
I got the same problem, the only workaround is to disable the second monitor.

User Info: nomorgow

9 years ago#3
juanitoleos posted...
I got the same problem, the only workaround is to disable the second monitor.

Wow darn, that's a pretty strange bug, eh?

User Info: karmashock

9 years ago#4

There is a config file that supposidly will allow you to put the game in windowed mode and change resolution. But I can't figure it out.


You can find it here: \A Vampyre Story\game\etc\config.png


apparently there are some lines you can "uncomment" or alter that will do this... But I it's a mystery to me. I may experiment with it later... let me know if you get anywhere with it. The Game's official forum is offline which is a little strange.

User Info: bergur1

9 years ago#5
I have the same problem with my Radeon 2900XT. Very annoying.
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User Info: kokotas

9 years ago#6

You can change the resolution of the game and have it run on window mode here:

E:\Program Files\A Vampyre Story\game\assets\scripts\14793.bin

Open it with notepad


Dunno if that will help with your problem but its worth a try ;)

User Info: SpecimenB

9 years ago#7
Editing that .bin file worked perfectly. Thanks. I was looking all over for the solution.

User Info: weaselfox

9 years ago#8
What exactly did you edit in the .bin file?
I can see the resolution, but not sure about the window part.

User Info: KaptK

9 years ago#9
You change,

<option name="full_screen" value="True"/>


<option name="full_screen" value="False"/>

Thanks for the information on this.

User Info: leafyboynat

9 years ago#10
I'm not sure what's going on with mine. That .bin file has nothing in it. I tried putting that string in there, and some other combinations by a friend like <options>< that string> </options> and that didn't work, either. I just bought, installed and patched it today. Does anyone know what might be up?
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