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User Info: RanmaRanma

10 years ago#1
How do you like the game so far?
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User Info: idkwhatuwant

10 years ago#2
I like it a lot. It's a fun adventure game that doesn't take itself too seriously. Plus my kiddos like watching me play the game, so it's fun for everyone.

User Info: Magile

10 years ago#3
It was short, but it was good. Well done for an adventure game in this day and age -- I enjoyed it more than the attempt and revitalizing Sam & Max.
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User Info: konevod

10 years ago#4
Game is great, but I wish it wasn't that short.

User Info: RanmaRanma

10 years ago#5
Ok I got the game. I'm on chapter 2 a bit in. So I'm not far from the end from what I gather. The game is major glitchy, at least on vista. It crashes a lot and no other game does this for me and my system is a gaming one. Also, there are several ways to ruin your game by repeating puzzles or doing things out of order. One example is the perfume bottle, there are more but I don't wanna spoil anything. It's not the intentional dead end like in the good old king's quests games, just major oversights in development. When you save (which is crazy quick), it makes a new slot every time, so save often just in case.

Those highly annoying issues aside, the game is good. The puzzles are a little too obscure. There are better, more obvious ways to accomplish some stuff but I'm used to these zany ways used here(think discworld). The graphics are very nice but low res. I love mona's voice and I'm pretty sure it's max from sam and max playing her pet bat sidekick (at least he sounds a lot like him).

The jokes are nonstop and it's mostly puns. I've only laughed like 2-3 times but the jokes aren't grating. I like the atmosphere and personality they add whether I laugh, chuckle, or not.

You can see heavy influence in this game from many sources. Through the jokes, backgrounds, items, all the way to characters themselves, the game is littered with references. I've seen some from world of warcraft to the aforementioned discworld to monkey island and so on. Some of it's good, especially if subtle but sometimes it stands out and pulls you out the games atmosphere.

Overall, it's a good old school style adventure game right up my alley but the oversights and crashes weigh it down heavily. Also there are times where the speeches can really drag on. You can skip them with space but if there's any motions that occur during the convo you will only skip the dialog and still have to wait the full time so the motions carry out. Highly annoying especially when repeating stuff after a crash.

Good game, not great, marred by heavy technical issues and design flaws making it average at best. Serious adventure fans can overlook most of this and will find an enjoyable experience. Newbies should probably stay away from this game. I still need to officially beat it before I can really finish my full view but so far that's my impressions.
"Why are we paying so much for sneakers when you got them made by little slave kids? What are your overheads?"

User Info: bluemaster

10 years ago#6
I quite like the game but I find that Mona's voice can be grating overtime... And I only been playing for a couple of hours...

I kinda understand that she needs to sound like that. But I wish they would tone down the pitch a bit...
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User Info: TheOtherGuyX

10 years ago#7
Terrible game for adults, probably great for 10 and below. It's nice to have a throwback title to the classics, but this one is a flop. It feels like a badly done Monkey Island game with different characters.

The jokes are so constant, so badly written and so badly delivered -- you have to be a child to laugh at any of them, if at all. I myself even enjoy bad humor and silly stuff (Sam & Max seasons were able to capture this), but this one is a massive dud. It doesn't help that the voice acting is awful. They just can't make them like they used to, even with today's technology. Sad really.
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User Info: magusx666

10 years ago#8
I thought the puzzles were often rather difficult, and I had to use the walkthrough quite often. Sometimes I knew what to do, but the game itself gave me trouble with trying to do it (like if I needed the bat (Froderick) to do something with an item, and I'd need to combine him with it). So I was frustrated quite a bit, but I liked the idea of the game, and will undoubtedly play the sequel(s). In other words, it's good, but not great. The Sam & Max seasons have more logical puzzles and better humor, but I'm also a vampire fan, so this works as well.
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User Info: keepsearching

10 years ago#9
i thought that overall, it was a good game, even if it was a little too short for my liking...
some of the puzzles in the game were a bit contrived, but despite that, i found it to be a welcome distraction from most of the games that i've been playing recently - i have not played a game of this type since zork grand inquisitor, and i may have to dig that out again..
i just hope that any sequel gets released soon, because it would be a shame to let the storyline fade before a new chapter arrives...

User Info: djball

10 years ago#10
7.5 is accurate. Personally I would go a little lower, but it's still good old adventure fun. As mentioned there are thankfully only a few rather contrived puzzles. For me, these types of puzzles are game killers... I went to the walthrough 3 times, but for the most part everthing flows and falls into place nicely. Can't say it was very funny, but there are some chuckles. Voice acting and atmosphere are very good.
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