3 months ago #1
    Alright so I know Fable is really old but I'm hoping maybe theres some new info ans help for it. Ive checked probably 20+ message boards about how to keep your sppuse happy. I'm currently with a Gypsy and as far as i knew things were good. Their upkeep is 2k and very happy, we live in Giles farm which happens to be in his favourite region, and the relationship status always says happy. Its never dropped once. If I travel one place I immediately go see him after that or if he has a gift for me. I bring him gifts, I sleep with him, his opinions of me are all maxed at the positive, we have the best furniture you can have in the house, and we have two kids. The last time I came to Brightwood he was there and expressed that he was leaving. Well some bandits attacked and i killed them and it sort of reset him.and he was no longer leaving me. The next time I came back it once again said he was leaving but this time I couldnt change it. He even told our kids to get their toys and leave.

    So I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has figured out anything new for spouses since its been a few years because this is really irritating me. Especially since I'm trying to be good and this is the second spouse to leave on completely bogus terms.