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User Info: Munkie742

10 years ago#1


Dmg: 58, Type: cutting, Attack speed: Normal, Augment: Scourge
Location: Temple of Shadows.. make the most unholy of sacrifices (husband/wife) between 12-1am. This is after reaching 2k points.

Dmg: 61, Type: cutting, Attack speed: Normal, Augment: righteous violence
Location: Make a large donation to the temple of light between 12-1 once the monk starts telling you about the harvest donation thing.

Dmg: 67, Type: Blunt (Mace), Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Flame
Location: Westcliffe Demon Door.

Dmg: 78, Type: Blunt (Hammer), Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Barkskin
Location: Oakfield Demon Door

Dmg: 91, Type: cutting, Attack speed: Fast, Augment: Devastation, Bewitching, Killerwatt
Location: From Brightwood tower jump into Archon's Knot tomb and make your way through it. Coming out of the exit there is a chest containing this weapon, impossible to miss.

Dmg: 96,Type: Cutting, Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Discipline, Stoneskin
Location: Score 7 perfect rounds in the crucible.


Dmg: 119, Type: Arrow, Attack Speed: Normal, Augments: Ghoul, Flame, Bewitching
Location; Gargoyles Treasure (Shoot all 50)

Dmg: 41, Type: Bullet, Attack Speed: Normal, Augments: Devastation, Lucky Charm

Dmg: 177, Type: Blunderbuss, Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Barkskin, Luck Charm
Location: Complete the quests "cold Comfort Farmer" and "the Blind Date". This will let you buy Farmer Giles farm which contains a key that will let you down into the farm cellar. It's at a dig spot at the end.

Dmg: 81, Type: Turret Rifle, Attack Speed; Normal Augments: Fear Itself, Discipline, Barkskin, Augments: Fear Itself, Discipline, Barkskin
Location: Wraithmarsh Demon Door.


Dmg: 78, Type: Cutting, Attack Speed: Normal, Augments: Fear Itself, Golden Touch, Stoneskin.
Location: Halls of the Dead (DLC Limited Edition)

Dmg: 22, Type: Cutting, Attack Speed: Fast, Augments: 3 empty slots
Location: Chest at the end of the chamber of fate. (DLC)
GT: Senor Vehemence

User Info: Munkie742

10 years ago#2
------------------DEMON DOORS------------------

Winter Lodge
Location: The path leading from wraithmarsh to Bloodstone
How to open: Play a lute
Reward: Master Longsword

The Arid Sea
Location: Bower Lake
How to open: Respond to his script using expressions... The ones needed are: Bloodlust roar, fart, middle finger, worship, blow kiss, growl, point & laugh, dance, laugh, thrust.
Reward: Lucky Charm Augment

Forgotten Keep
Location: Bowerstone Cemetery
How to open: Kick a couple of chickens at the demon door.
Reward: Balverine strength potion, Practiced skill potion, and Infused will potion.

The Sepulchre
Location: Brightwood
How to open: This is a real pain... First, he wants cheese at first.. Second, You must get dreadlocks (bloodstone) or a mullet and mutton chops (bowerstone) or a handlebar moustache.Thirdly, he will want you to wear a tokel hat or bandana, tart shirt or noble trousers, and a noble gent;s shirt or corset. If you show up wearing any of those items he will ask for different ones.
Reward.... Merchant's cap, Knotted Shirt, and Harlequin Trousers.

Location: Oakfield
How to open: Wants to see a marriage proposal
Reward: Serenity Farm ( a nice house ) which contains "Come Hither, Dear" and Hammerthyst (legendary mace)

Memory Lane
Location: Rookridge
how to open: Have you dog do tricks ( Tricks are triggered by your expressions )
Reward: Potion of Life

The Vault
Location: Westcliff
How to open: Be halfway corrupt or more
Reward: Calavera (legendary mace)

Terry Cotter's Army
Location: Wraithmarsh (NE corner)
How to open: Bring a large audience to him (have people follow you then fast travel to The Drowned Farm) you need 10 followers.

The Sanctum
Location: Fairfax Gardens under the castle
How to open: Won't open until he is the last demon door left.
Reward: Marcus's Poems and 50k

----------MISSABLE SILVER KEYS----------
These are the only silver keys I've found that were not in the open.

Rookridge - Hobbe Cave - one of the silver keys there is hidden in a dig spot.

Bowerstone Market - there is a silver key in a dig spot behind the bar.

Bloodstone - there is a dive spot containing a silver key.

----------Gargoyle's Treasure----------
These chests are in order for every 10 you destroy.

1 - "Dog Tricks! The Growl"
2 - Potion of Life
3 - Emerald x3
4 - 10k gold
5 - Ghoul Augment
6 - Joke
7 - Secret --- The Rammer (legendary crossbow)

GT: Senor Vehemence

User Info: Munkie742

10 years ago#3
----------DUPLICATE ITEMS/GOLD----------

You need a memory card and a friend

Copy the file of your hero to a alternative saving device, the memory card, then load up that character off that memory card and gift the items you want to dupe to your friend. Then jump back over to your main file and have him/her send them back.

GT: Senor Vehemence

User Info: Munkie742

10 years ago#4
GT: Senor Vehemence

User Info: Munkie742

10 years ago#5
4th page in a matter of 3 minutes...
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User Info: eXtragenz

10 years ago#6
very nice
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User Info: eXtragenz

10 years ago#7
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User Info: Munkie742

10 years ago#8
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User Info: azibits08

10 years ago#9
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User Info: Munkie742

10 years ago#10
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