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User Info: Waytoodeep03

12 years ago#1
Any one have a list of things? Only thing I can remember since it was so long ago was

-Morrowind Killer (yea thats it)

User Info: Twisted_JAX

12 years ago#2
You're a cute little troll.
It's true, we have nothing to do.
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User Info: ItsSpotlight

12 years ago#3
I'd like a list too, I never found out what the first was supposed to have before I bought it.
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User Info: n5yn

12 years ago#4
Ahh just get over it already
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User Info: lost_in_general

12 years ago#5

I'm going to write a list. It's going to be spectacular. Prepare yourselves. This is everything that was said to be in the game before its release, albeit at varying development stages.

- The biggest one is a dynamic appearance; your character was supposed to atrophy with lack of exercise, get pumped with lifting and fighting (note: the video clip for the strength stat) tan in the sun and pale in the moonlight.
- The "stress" feature was interesting factor in the early stages of the game which affected how quickly your character aged.
- Being in prison was more than a once-in-a-story thing. You would end up in prison for committing crimes, at one point.
- In the initial design, anybody's clothing (read: anybody's) could be yours. If you saw it, you could have it.
- Family development.
- Groupies, who would cheer you on and what not.
- Multiple guilds.
- Children existed in more places than one.
- Multiplayer. At first this was going to be splitscreen, in a similar manner to Fable 2's but for four players, and then it was changed to a really strange setup, where only one player would be active at a time and the other players were like "spirits" that floated around and assisted.
- There were some weird elements that were going to try to force you to follow the story by killing your entire family if you decided not to do the main quest for too long a period.
- The Singing Sword.
- The Sandgoose.
- The Dragon (showed up in Lost Chapters, but was completely absent, initially).
- A whole crapload of weapons were made NPC-only for no apparent reason.
- Throwing weapons (bombs, and such). These are actually still in the game, but they can't be accessed by normal means.
- Ability to sort of "overthrow" the mayor of a town and assume mayorship for yourself.
- Ability to not be coralled by nonexistent walls.
- Tattoo design (was included in the PC version to some degree, however).
- Aging over time rather than aging via level.
- Real-time tree growth (I'm not sure if this was ever really feasible, but there you have it).
- There was excitement, for a time, when it was said that you could kill a child's family and spare the child himself, and years later he would come back seeking revenge.
- Absence of those annoying auras.

I guess that's most of it. There's probably a bit more, but I can't think of any at this point in time.

User Info: TheGamerPenguin

12 years ago#6
^ Where'd this info come from?

User Info: ronnet

12 years ago#7

TheGamerPenguin posted...
^ Where'd this info come from?

I can remember Molyneux saying a lot of those. Luckily I got hyped only a month or two before Fable's release so I didnt have too much time to be disappointed. I thing the biggest thing that Fable didnt deliver on was scope in just about every way. In a way Fable did deliver on every important feature mentioned but none of those features were as big of revolutionairy as Molyneux let us to believe. He great at hyping things, ofcourse when you have a unique title like Fable that isnt hard to do. I don't believe everything he says about Fable 2 either, atleast not with the scope he's mentioning it. You cna fully decorate houses but there are probably only a few skins to choose from, and the interaction with your spouse and child is probably there but not as indepth as he claims.

User Info: H_H_J_J

12 years ago#8
"^ Where'd this info come from?"

All of those things were mentioned by Molyneux, though I'd say "promised" is pushing it. They were all planned or worked on at some period in time, and dropped for various reasons.

Few of them were ever "confirmed" to be part of Fable. A few things like the growing trees were, but were also announced as cut pre-release, and we were even given reasons for them being dropped.

User Info: Andizilla

12 years ago#9
Just too bad we will probably be disapointed with fable 2, Dont you think? : (

User Info: kaliskonig

12 years ago#10
I remember hearing you could chop down trees. seriously.
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