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User Info: chef19

9 years ago#1
So I am a big fan of the show like millions of other people around the world, and I feel that it is time for another 24 game. This time to do it real justice! For the next game I would make the following game play suggestions.

1. REAL time in total story and "mission deadlines" amounting to either a 24 hour day, or several days in 24 hour segments.

2. Time stops between missions and scenes while at CTU for example, giving you an opportunity to explore, as well as rearm/re equip for your next assignment, not to mention talk to other characters for advice, updates, and possible secrets and unlockables, and once next mission / story sequence begins the clock is adjusted at a fixed rate (Like at commercial breaks)

3. Third person over the shoulder perspective with finely tuned movement and aiming controls, as well as excellently thought out camera angles or free camera control to improve playability. Perhaps something similar to metal gear solid game play, especially for infiltration missions.

4. The same cast as appearing on the show for voice actors (of course.)

5.Intricate and extensive hand to hand fighting system that is technically useable anywhere in many situations to great effect.

6. Planning and coordinating attack teams or cooperating with partners when executing a raid or other various situations.

7. More in depth and gritty interrogation system revolving around choices, consequences and setting up the environment, as well as extensive use of psychological analysis which varies from enemy to enemy.

8. Extensive inventory of weapons to find as well as purchase from the CTU armory.

9. Special environmental kills/interrogations, similar to the punisher game.

10. Multiple approaches and solutions to all but the most straight forward missions and scenarios.

11. A look through some of the earlier chapters of Jack's career allowing the appearance of old characters and hidden chapters.

More to this list to come, feel free to add suggestions or comments on what you think would help build the Perfect 24 game.
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