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User Info: EL PARRo

11 years ago#1
Just out of curiosity, what's your opinion on Halo 3? I'm sure you have to think it has at least some improvements over Halo 2.
All life is precious, but at what price? - Michael Savage

User Info: PappinAce

11 years ago#2
I don't think it's completely horrible, mostly because I wasn't expecting much. It seems that many of 2's problems either remained or were made worse:

-Auto-aim still makes sniping too easy
-You spawn with an AR, which kills incredibly fast, encouraging more spray shooting
-No fall damage
-Driving warthogs takes no skill again
-The beam sword/rifle, pistol, and shotgun are lame.

I could be wrong because I haven't really played much, just one or two sessions. I'm sure you have more experience; do you think there are a lot of improvements from 2?
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User Info: EL PARRo

11 years ago#3
I think several improvements were made.

-the Plasma Pistol doesn't track nearly as much, making noob combo far more difficult to pull off
-the Battle Rifle was made slightly less accurate, making it less of a go to weapon for many people
-the Plasma Sword now has a limited amount of power, so no longer do you see people going 23-0 with about 20 sword kills. They also adjusted it so that it takes about half a second to activate instead of activating instantly. I can't tell you how many times in Halo 2 I'd have someone shields down using SMG then run up to them to finish them off with a melee, only to have them pull out a sword at the last second and kill me. No longer does that happen in Halo 3.
-Active Camo is actually worth using now
-SMG's are more effective
-lock-on has been removed from the rockets
-equipment is cool, as is being able to carry a turret.
-sniping has been made more difficult
-shotgun is better

But several deprovements were also made:

-the battery for the beam rifle has been reduced from 12 shots to 10
-pistols still suck
-the Hornet is far to effective in multiplayer (though Bungie has said they'll be toning it down for Avalanche), although no map until Avalanche has it appear by default
-the Plasma Rifle doesn't seem to be as effective as it used to be
-the melee system sucks
-overshield isn't even worth picking up anymore

Also, though I do think that Forge is a cool feature, it is very overrated by those who love it. after using the Map Maker in Far Cry Instincts, Forge just feels extremely limited.
All life is precious, but at what price? - Michael Savage

User Info: PappinAce

11 years ago#4
Well, it's nice that they improved the shotgun and made the plasma pistols and beam sword less easy to use. Removing the rocket lock-on was a good idea as well. You say sniping is more difficult, so I guess hitboxes aren't as huge anymore.

I just felt the skill level between pros and newbs is still too small, but to be fair that seems to be the trend now. All game developers are leveling the playing field to appeal to a wider audience. They're in it for the big bucks instead of satisfying the real fans. I'm starting to get used it now, because I know that's how business works, but I still don't like it. Even Nintendo games (Brawl) are starting to follow this. It doesn't piss me off as much as it used to, because I just take the game and enjoy it for what it is. If Brawl was released in November 2004, I probably would have destroyed it. But now I realize if I want some party action, I play Brawl. If I want a super-competitive one v. one, I play Melee.

So this time around, I think I'll just keep enjoying Halo 1 and let the Halo 3 fans have their fun. Different strokes for different folks!
Please remove your hands from my baked delicacy. -Falco Lombardi

User Info: RazorX3

11 years ago#5
Both of you guys bruing up very good points. I felt Halo 3 was able to balance much of the things Bungie tried to create in Halo 2, however both games just aren't as fun as Halo 1 is IMO. It just has the definitive single/multiplayer experience for me (maybe its just the pistol =P)
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