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User Info: Coolio86

7 years ago#1
Are the physics and handling of this game like Hot Pursut 2010? I played the demo for this, bit the physics and handling for the controls was TERRIBLE, couldn't turn without always drifting all over the place. Is the retail game like that or are the handling controls good like Hot Pursuit?
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User Info: Cirevam

7 years ago#2
I haven't played Hot Pursuit 2010 but I can tell you that cars in MW don't tend to drift unless you jam the handbrake. Some of them have pathetic grip when starting from a standstill, like the Supra, which makes police chases a pain. All I can recommend is to buy a spoiler for your car so you can tune the downforce on it along with the best tires you can get, and try to use the FWD and 4WD cars until you get used to the controls more. Since the AI cars are always tuned to have similar performance to your car, don't feel like you're obligated to go for the fastest car.
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