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User Info: paul7475

7 years ago#1

How does one use the laser sights? I am wearing them when I go into Aldwych but it is still pitch black.

User Info: Marikhen

7 years ago#2
IIRC, and presuming you're on the map I think you are, they have a really short effective range but should work automatically after equipping them.

TBH you're better off watching the map/mini-map and constantly firing weapons if you have ranged weapons. The NPCs/objects aren't cloaked by the darkness of the map so you can see them just fine, and between the map and impact animation from your guns, as well as nay localized lighting from them, you should be able to see your way through the map just fine.

I'll admit that that tactic works better on a marksman/engineer than on a summoner/evoker than on a guardian/blademaster, but it's still effective enough if you do it right.
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