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User Info: Revenant_Sith

10 months ago#1
I still play this.

I wish it got ported over though.

User Info: AssultTank

10 months ago#2
I still play it from time to time.
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User Info: BF2forlife

10 months ago#3
I get stoned every morning and play it for an hour. I can’t play how I want to though, the makers of the game were cheap. If you doing to good, you’ll either get sniped by an unknown enemy who is somehow already dead, or you’ll get lewered into a grenade that’s already timed to explode at your feet. Buts let’s just pretend you’re having a good day and are lucky enough to find health every time they screw you over. Then pandemic screws you over in a new way, sending you back down to negative 56 kills if you’re doing too good. If I was able to play the way I wanted, id have true statistics that reflected how well I could perform in a 750 soldier match... it’s terrible to finish a game with 450 kills but only getting credit for 203, in most cases if they send you to negative 56 kills you’ll have to crawl back up to zero and then your k/d ratio is done for good. I find almost every map in the game iconic and the game modes aswell, it’s just the kill caping which diminishes my entire premise of trying to get better at the game and to generally perform well at all. Why should I even try if the game reversed my efforts well before the match is even over? Another annoying gimic the game has is the difficulty adjustments that happen mid game. The game isn’t always true to itself, if it’s your time to die they’ll find something within the coding to end your life. Wish I could’ve played back in the days when there was online for this, there would be no predictable patterns to gameplay an more crazy finishes to matches. I’ve come to notice that the ai in this game follow very simplistic commands throughout the whole game... they’re made to just follow out pre planned commands that are designed to make them come in conflict zones with their enemies. I’ve had games where I’m doing all the work and have the other team in a spawn trap at their last command post. Suddenly I lose every command I’ve captured along the way to get their. If we had every command post before hand, where was the rest of my team while they all got captured simultaneously!??? Funny part about when this bug/glitch occurs, is that none of my reinforcements go down, almost as if the lucky 1-3 soldiers who escaped my spawn trap managed to somehow fight off the rest of my team behind me while capturing all of my other command posts at the same time as each other. Strange....... I often turn around when this happens, to find all my soldiers standing mute as if they were expecting me to finish the rest of the game for them, while not noticing that they’ve been standing within shooting distance of the enemies taking all of our command posts. It’s small things like this within the game that piss me off, I know this comment was a full paragraph rant. But I’m addicted to the game for all the other reasons

User Info: LOOOPS

7 months ago#4
I'm playing on Elite mode. Trying to do rise of the empire but completely stuck on the jedi temple level where you have to defend the bookcases.
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User Info: TongYoon

4 months ago#5
Sometimes i play it.
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