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User Info: SteveZissou5

8 years ago#381
I'm going to cut off all my leg hair, melt it down, pour it into a syringe and inject it straight IN MY EYE.
"If you could go ahead and change the cover on your TPS report, that'd be greeat.* Sips coffee*" Bill Lumberg~ Office Space

User Info: MasterGamer77

8 years ago#382
That last post single-handedly made my night

User Info: ForestIllusion

8 years ago#383
That's…weird. To say the least. <_<

User Info: Amnestria

8 years ago#384
Well daym, I didnt expect this to still be here.
Let alone still posted in.
I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar

User Info: TheStickMafia

8 years ago#385

Wow I just pee'd my pants off that first post up there from laughing to death XD

User Info: 6142797

8 years ago#386
Old version will be deleted indeed.
Nice FAQ.
guwa's off usermap alt
its 2012, and yet one more bump. -____-
I don't love you anymore.

User Info: royic

7 years ago#389
I'm kind of scared that your leg hair is of the consistency that it would melt rather than burn.
GT: Ducksaws
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User Info: iamnotananimal

7 years ago#390
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