Witchblade Video game?

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User Info: joventino

8 years ago#1
I'm actually surprised Top Cow decided to go with The Darkness instead of Witchblade as the game

But it shouldn't be 1st person but rather 3rd and 1st - sort of like Gears of War and have elements of Condemned because the main character, Sara Pezzini is a homicide detective after all

Jackie can even make cameos or be a secret playable character
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User Info: tommylogan

8 years ago#2
yeah perhaps could be a good game. u no how witchblade was created btw? i no it was something when the darkness and anelius were not fighting...
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User Info: Recluse01

8 years ago#3
I was just thinking how much better the combat in this game would be with some kind of cover system. Those darkness "snakes" seem like they were meant to do quick accurate snaps around corners into the heart.
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User Info: ChaosIsBeauty

8 years ago#4
you have to view it from a sales standpoint, and really, a witchblade game, as cool as it would b e probably wouldnt, but hey, I seem to remember talk about a witchblade movie so fingers crossed for a movie tie in game

User Info: BloodyLife

8 years ago#5
Yea they have what, WitchBlade comics, anime and a live action movie..
Here is a link for the live action collection on amazon

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User Info: Xero

8 years ago#6
It wasn't top cows decision star breeze are the ones that decided to make a darkness game.
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