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User Info: Petze

11 years ago#1
Please can someone explain how you can get the gold reward in Kazakhstan. I used the magnetic gun to push the hanging platform to the far edge, where the bridge was. on the grate to the right of me, i placed (and pulled of the four crates in its place) a big crate there. i climbed up, shimmy as far left and dropped to the metal platform below me.

But what do i do next, i jumped onto the hanging platform, (where the bridge was) but what do i do next?

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User Info: LainiWeiz

11 years ago#2
If the moving bridge platform thing is all the way to the right (you have to get it up that wee slope) then after shimming along and dropping down you should be able to jump onto the moving bridge.

From here you just turn around and jump over to the Gold reward.
Or you jump to another ledge using the moving bridge and then jump to the Gold reward, I forget which.

To get the moving bridge all the way to the right you need to give it a sort of running start by dragging it as far left as you can then pushing it to the right.
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User Info: Smirk2129

11 years ago#3
You are going to have to do what Poppy said. The movable grating needs to be slid all the way to the right, including going up a small ramp along the track in order to be of any use to you getting the Gold reward. The gun isn't powerful enough to be able to do it on it's own, you are going to need to make it use it's own momentum as well. I would think that youtube would have some vids that might help.

User Info: topgod

11 years ago#4
Using the gun is the only way. This was the most difficult part in the entire game for me. I just got lucky. Just keep trying to move the platform all the way to the right using the gun. It will work eventually.

User Info: Petze

11 years ago#5
Got it! Thanks
BAGH! Only 23 metres!
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