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User Info: tolerdesigns

13 years ago#1

This post is for things you may have discovered during the game that are helpful either to the game-play aspect, or tweaking tips that have improved performance etc. As more information is posted I will continue to edit this post so all of the information is easily accessible at the top of the page. Contribute your helpful facts!


1.) By holding tab on any item in the creators, you can rotate them in directions that were otherwise not allowed by default. Sometimes twisting or inverting objects can make some very cool designs!

2.) After placing a light on either a building or a craft, certain lights can have their colors changed by using the paintbrush tool. Just select the color you want and select the center of the light.

3.) Early on in the creature stage, save some of the cell parts on your creature, then when you transfer your creature to the final stages, you can have some very unique pieces to play with for your final creature. i.e. moving tentacles, glowing electric pods.


1.) After you have completed terraforming a planet, the slots for small, medium, large plants, will be opened. If you scroll your mouse over one of those empty slots, a plant or animal will blink in your cargo hold if it unique to the planet, therefore making it easier to know which plants/creatures to drop.

2.) Don't continue to collect plants and animals, once you have all of your sets, the moment you drop down a plant/animal on a planet, you can use your abduction ray to pick it up again immediately. The planet will still recognize the creature as being on the planet, and you can stabilize the T-score.


1.) In the space stage, if you come across a tribal or civilization stage, and would like to take over that system easily, use your terraforming tools to make the planet a T-0, thus making the tribes/colonies extinct, leaving you free to terraform and place colonies for yourself.


1.) Always make sure to check your allies for tools and for selling spice before you trade within your own empire. Most likely you will find somewhere that sells tools for hundreds of thousands of sporebucks less, and spice varies from system to system. Always shop around before you commit to a purchase or a sale!

2.) Purchasing spice from allies at a low rate and selling for somewhere you know it will sell higher is a great way to make sporebucks early on.

3.) Always try to collect as much spice as possible before selling it a high price. Once a system has a lot of one spice, the price they will purchase it at later may go down dramatically.

4.) Before you try to purchase an allies system, save beforehand. Often times you can purchase the system for a low price, but sometimes it will be higher than you expect, meaning you will have to wait for the purchase bar to refill. Just try it, if it fails, then simply restart your game without saving and try again.


1. When zooming out of your homeworld, or some other worlds, you may encounter a crash to the desktop, with the following error message "Spore has encountered and error and needs to close". The main cause for this crash is a buildup of unnecessary decorations left on your colonies. Zoom down to each colony and remove trees/ fountains/ tables/ etc. Once all of the decorations have been removed you should be able to leave your homeplanet without a problem. This will also allow you to rebuild turrets etc. on your colonies as well.

2. Many other crash fixes and workarounds have been posted at the following link: http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts/list/1000.page

Please post anything you have found that has increased your game-play and experiences! I will continue to update this post and give credit underneath each tip! Have fun with your Spore!

User Info: JoeOE18

13 years ago#2
UM FC: 4425-1947-5372 IGN: Grubs McGee

User Info: tolerdesigns

13 years ago#3
No problem Joe, remember if you have anything to contribute at all, make sure to post your findings.

User Info: justoxx2

13 years ago#4
i was wondering if there were some other commands and stuff available, this will help a lot, thx..

User Info: tolerdesigns

13 years ago#5
What commands do you mean specifically? For the tools? Gameplay key shortcuts?

User Info: Neonivek

13 years ago#6
Let me see

Creature Tips:
-If your a Carnivour... Always save a Omnivor or Herbivor part from the Cell phase... Or else your stuck only being able to eat meat, which is a rather large disability especially in the late game.
-Making friends the easy way: If your having a hard time making friends with a creature... Simply push it away from its nest and it will be unable to use its own friends to protect itself from you!

Tribal Tips:
-Epic Creature: The Epic creature may be a difficult creature to destroy, however if you do it is worth 10 food per trip, and has no upper limit. Destroy the creature as soon as your capable of doing
-Stealing Food: make sure your creatures have stealth, what you wish to do is steal another's tribes food AFTER attacking it. It will make sure they cannot suddenly summon up an army to squash you as well as earn a lot of food. If your much faster then the enemy then stealing from them is simple enough you won't have to attack.

-Epic Beasts and Religious vehicles: If you have a religious vehicle you can charm an Epic Beast. It will then follow the religious vehicle that charmed it. This makes taking over Cities very easy

Space Phase:
-Biological Disaster slightly easier: Using the Blaster rather then the laser is a tad easier
-Happyness and your Colonies: While Happyness makes them resistant to being taken over having negative happyness causes them to riot. High happyness isn't needed.
-Epic Creatures: They are MUCH more powerful in the Space Phase... Do NOT allow them to get near a city at any cost.

User Info: tolerdesigns

13 years ago#7
Thank you Neonivek! Your information will be added to the original post.

User Info: tolerdesigns

13 years ago#8
I wasn't aware that shared board posts could not be edited, but continue to post your helpful hints, it just will not be added to the original post.

User Info: crazy_jones

13 years ago#9

In the creature editor, use alt to copy parts.

In the creature editor, you can drag the hands and feet off of limbs to create nubs.

In the creature editor, use ctrl and drag limb sections off to remove only those specific parts (i.e. to remove the section of arm from the elbow to the wrist).

In the creature editor, use alt with ctrl to copy limb sections onto existing joints to create more sections thus more joints within a limb.

In the creature editor, if you want a skill but don't want the characteristic (i.e. horns), try considering making them as small as possible and then using the tab function to invert them inside the body.

In paintbrush mode, alt is the eyedropper tool where you can pick up colours and textures from any part of your creation. Ctrl allows you to paint multiple parts at one time.

In paintbrush mode, try pressing the 1 and 2 buttons (used in conjunction with ctrl). Also try the 3, 4 and 5 buttons (used in conjunction with alt). These are for selective paint brushing, when you press the numbers, text will popup to tell you what they do.


In space, when looking at your cargo hold on a planet, you will also see a small green tick in the corner of the plant/creature icons to show you which species are already present on the planet.


In creature stage, if you are attempting to go after an epic, consider luring it towards your nest so that your other pack members can attack it but make sure you save often and make sure you get that last blow (it's worth an achievement), you may need to lure it away from your nest to accomplish this. You may also consider using this technique: sneak, charge, strike/bite, retreat, spit, repeat.

In space stage, if you are just beginning, try not to anger any sentient species out there that will result in a war until you've gained better weaponry and upgrades.

In space stage, you can ignore pirate raids. If your colony is not successful in stopping the raid, no buildings will be lost and you will only lose some spice.

In space stage, you must respond to ecological disasters or you risk losing colonies as it becomes a T0 planet.

In space stage, it is safe to ignore all events that occur to your homeworld. It will never experience an ecological disaster and it will never succumb to attacks.

In space stage, if you are in a battle without any upgrades except the Minor Laser and Minor Proton Missiles, learn to go in a circle (W&A) whilst targeting (hold LMB) the tangos behind you with the laser. You will continually outrun their missiles as you singe away at their health. You can use the missiles to try and save energy but it will take longer to sap their health.

In space stage, become good friends with the WASDQE keys. Never stay still in battle (unless you have shields on) and learn to strafe or go in circles by using combination keys (i.e. W&D or A&E).

In space stage, when in pursuit, fly at higher altitudes to travel around the planet faster.

In space stage, planets with 3 colonies all loaded with the maximum amount of turrets, positive happiness and an uber-turret should be able to defend itself without intervention. If you enter orbit though, you will produce more targets for your uber-turret and it may not be able to take care of them all in time and will require your help.

User Info: Neonivek

13 years ago#10
Space Phase:
-If you click on the Dotes on the planets Tier list (whatever it is called) the Radar will track down the creatures and plants. This saves A LOT of time when you need specific plants and animals
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