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  3. Confirmed. Spore has been released early in AU.

User Info: Zakhalf-life

13 years ago#1
As you might have notice. People have already starting playing spore. Some stores in australia have been releasing spore early. lucky bastards... also one player has posted up a Live streaming gameplay of the game. reviews to be underway.

User Info: Yakuz-A

13 years ago#2
Yeah I've stated this for almost two days now, also I made a topic about the live stream but no-one replied.:

User Info: p_O_

13 years ago#3

User Info: Squeets

13 years ago#4

Confirmed? The game wasn't released early... there are stores who broke street date... it wasn't "officially" released early and no one has confirmed this.

If that is the way a confirmation works, then I confirm that the topic creator is a complete and total idiot.

User Info: chlorophyll

13 years ago#5
You clearly know what the topic creator was implying, yet you still feel the need to have your little speech to bring across your pseudo intelligence on a message board.


Unless, of course, you actually COULD NOT see that what he said clearly has various meanings, in that case, I do apologise to the rest of this forum for your lack of brain power.
I want all of the American people to understand that it is understandable that the American people cannot possibly understand.

User Info: JasminC

13 years ago#6
Alert! Squeets is being a smartass on the internet.

User Info: DarkMaverik

13 years ago#7
The store's weren't breaking street date (I'm an Australian BTW). They all got calls from head office and were told to release the game.

I can't speak for everywhere, but the stores in Brisbane had signs up announcing it, and they had the games out on the shelves. When I asked about a Galactic Edition copy, he walked over to a shelf and grabbed the last one and sold it to me.
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