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User Info: Armageddon796

11 years ago#1
i just finished story mode and i'm in al's character mode fighting pride and i can't beat him.is there a special way to beat him or is it just hand to hand combat?it doesn't work when i use alchemy. is there a reason he's not in story mode?am i going to come across more foes like that? thanks in advance.

User Info: Bugfragged13

11 years ago#2
Learning curve gone wrong... I saw two videos of someone beating Pride, though they are removed. First, you should get Marcoh's alchemy book, since your walls can turn his attacks into symbols. In the videos, Pride never teleports if you hit him in the air with a jumping attack. Too bad this is easier said than done.

User Info: n0t_u

11 years ago#3
You can also trick him by making him warp behind you then quickly turning around and attacking him, that's how I beat him. I think I used Mustang's fire alchemy.
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User Info: GC3000

11 years ago#4
IMO, this battle is best fought hand to hand. All those fancy tricks are harder to pull off than just dodging and beating him to a pulp.

And yes, tricking him into teleporting behind you is just about necessary. I'm pretty sure the developers intentionally let you do that.
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