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User Info: MrLazerWulf

11 years ago#1
Is there some kind of trick to this? He's too frickin fast and dodges all of my attacks.
Nevermind the plunger...
Hand me the duck!

User Info: n0t_u

11 years ago#2
iirc attack him just as he lands from his backflip.
"Tomara nai honoo wa susumu
Ososugita mezame no ato wa Ah...“Sayonara” sa
"-L'Arc~en~Ciel, Promised Land 2005

User Info: PStrife

11 years ago#3
Teach the kid about alchemy and the philosopher's stone. My God, such history newbs.

Mista P

User Info: n0t_u

11 years ago#4
No need to troll this board's about 97% dead now, go find another board and troll there.
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