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User Info: BremFM

4 years ago#1

Back in my childhood, when I was like 9 years old, I played Fable 1. Didn't understand much of it though, as I didn't speak English. A few weeks ago, I wanted to play it again. I saw there were 2 new versions. Awesome! The Anniversairy version didn't work for me as my graphic card was too bad. So I bought Fable TLC. I don't know if I will get my question answered here. The last thread here is long ago, and since there is a newer version of this game am I not sure if I will get my question andwered here.

Okay, here is question 1:
I wanted to marry Scarlett, the women working at the barbary. I flirted with her etc, untill the heart above her head turned dark-red. I gave her a wedding ring. Now she has a yellow heart, but I don't think i'm married yet. I didn't get any cutsene. When I talk to her it only asks me to trade. If I decline I don't get the possibility to marry her. So I've led her out of town. Then I talked with her and she said something like: 'You need a home first'. Well, that was atleast a start... However, I was already the owner of the Marital Home in bowerstone! I didn't rent it out or anything like that. All I did was upgrading the furniture. How do I get to marry her?

My 2th question;
How do I do the Time-freeze glitch on pc? I've been googling for hours on how to get Bowerstone. The only completely working way is too do the time freezing glitch. However, I couldn't find any good tutorial gor PC, only for Xbox. Help is very much appreciated!

Kind regards,

User Info: idleRAT

4 years ago#2
1: Wait until night time then talk to her in Bowerstone South(pretty sure you need to be in the town to do it), hopefully she'll stop being an NPC for long enough for you to marry her. If she asks you to buy stuff, say no and the marriage option may pop up then. Check you haven't rented out your house while you're there, I think you need to "live" in it for it to register as owned for marriage.

Yellow heart means you can propose, it'll turn to a ring when you're married.

2: Dunno, sorry, I've never done it. This board is pretty dead, but someone on the Anniversary board might be able to help you work it out(it's the same game, just re-packaged, so this glitch might be intact).


After completing the arena, you can enter Bowerstone North if that's where you're trying to go? It's probably quicker just to play to that point than trying to get the exploit to work. >.>

User Info: BremFM

4 years ago#3
Ok, I managed to marry Scarlett. I had to pick lock her door, make sure to not enter the house, and then just talk to her so I could marry her. I already beat the dragon form of Jack o' Blades, and with getting Bowerstone I mean owning it. I own the tailor, the barbery and the tavern, but I want the houses too.

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