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User Info: MegaZeroSaber

11 years ago#31
ilikemilkmmm Posted 8/14/2008 7:51:53 PM message detail

why does there need to be a weaker version of the shotgun? halo 1 and 2 didnt need a weaker version of a shotgun. shotgun type weapons are severely lame and annoying. not to mention shot+melee takes about as long to kill as just shooting a shotgun.

There is a reason it's called the Brute Mauler.

im not saying its weak, im saying its a stupid idea for a gun and its redundant with the regular shotgun existing. there are too many close range weapons: sword, mauler, shotgun, hammer, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, sniper (yes its used for close range as often as its used for long it seems like),

That's basically saying that we have a Battle Rifle and Sniper Rifle so there's no need for the Carbine or Beam Rifle.

then theres the short to mid range weapons: smg, ar, rockets,

Almost every weapon is a medium to close range weapon.

worthless weapons: needler, pistol

Fail. Most likely you don't know how many needles it takes to kill someone fully shielded or that the Pistol can be used to head shot. You didn't mention anything about the Plasma Pistol.....

long range: BR, Carbine, sniper, laser

And Beam Rifle....

not really balanced

Like someone said, get better at the game.

A838 Cornered Fox Posted 8/14/2008 11:13:31 PM message detail
Mauler: Umm.... It can't do anything a shotgun can't.

Can be duel wielded? Better range? Reload faster?

ilikemilkmmm Posted 8/15/2008 9:53:44 AM message detail
why? im already really good, probably better than you. but what does that have to do with the mauler being a stupid weapon?

The do us a favour and post your Gamertag. I'm sure people here are interested in knowing what your service record looks like. No weapon in this game is stupid, you clearly just don't know how to use several weapons to their full potential.

User Info: chr0n03939

11 years ago#32
everyone saying the mauler sucks is a complete idiot.

its a portable dual wieldable shotty.

u grab a smg or a plasma rifle, and a mauler and your unstoppable.
you have mid covered to tear down their sheilds and close to finish em off.

and to the TC who was talking about the plasma rifle and sniper and plasma pistol being close range weapons...stfu and gtfo. those are mid range weapons. and the sniper is a long range weapon. learn2playbetternow kthxbai

User Info: Hardcore_German

11 years ago#33
Dual maulers destroys everything at close range, the sword, the hammer, the shotgun... EVEN THE KATANA!
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User Info: MegaZeroSaber

11 years ago#34
PerfectAsymmetr Posted 8/15/2008 10:56:14 AM message detail

Every weapon has its magic combo. 7-8 needles, Mauler shot + melee, brute shot + melee, plasma pistol + melee.

No offence but you might want to mix things up a bit. Anyone with any skill will be able to take you down if that's your play style. Those combos aren't any different from the AR + Melee combo that is ever so popular. Not saying those don't work but they are predictable and against someone who has more skill you won't stand much of a chance. Maybe you just didn't mention it but a better method is to use grenades + almost any gun.

User Info: ConspiracyNub

11 years ago#35
Hehe the mauler owns.
Just check out my mauler vid =)

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User Info: Teh_Alpha_Karma

11 years ago#36
I think of the mauler as a anticamper because it's more available than sword/shotty so you don't have to wait for one to come respawn...
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User Info: MrGreed

11 years ago#37
I like to duel weild the mauler with others weapons. It makes it more fun or at lest for me.
I'm an alt.

User Info: ilikemilkmmm

11 years ago#38
the plasma pistol IS a close range weapon. it doesnt lock on barely at all anymore, and it takes alot longer to switch weapons. its only use is charged+punch, which in that respect its the same as the mauler. and its more balanced because you cant hold the charged shot forever, so it takes a little more thinking. i listed sniper as a close range and long range weapon because *shock* its used just as often as a shoot+punch instakill weapon as a mauler and pp, with the added bonus of sometimes getting those noscope headshots that kill a mauler/pp first

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User Info: Zerohaven

11 years ago#39
*Did not read every post*

Since when did the Mauler become a problem?
Its my favorite gun in the game.
Faster than the Shotgun and equally as hurtful.
Then press B
Easy kill
Not only that it looks kool

but low ammo clip u.u

User Info: olympus711

11 years ago#40
random post for no reason
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