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  3. Just got my account back after 5 years.

User Info: xmoodudex63

7 years ago#1
They let me do a password reset.

How much has the game changed since 09?
Does anyone want to play with me?

I believe my character is around level 300.
My third eye is a googly eye.

User Info: shadow0712

7 years ago#2
They added a lot more in terms of skill sets generations and ways to lvl Aldo they scraped the destiny system you can add me Suicide16
wow im on the internet you can't do a damn thing about what i say to you but i ask you 1 question Why So Serious

User Info: Drelkag

7 years ago#3
What didn't change? New combat system, inventory plus is free for everyone now, easier to make gold, tons of new storylines, etc.

Seems you left right before the Alchemist storyline came out, here's a recap of what all was added/changed:


If you play on Mari add Drognak in game.
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  3. Just got my account back after 5 years.
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