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  3. Is this game really that rare?

User Info: Minish_link02

8 years ago#1
I really want this collection of games. I looked online and this game costs over $75+. Anniversary Collection is relatively cheap online for $20 at most. Why is MMX Collection so expensive? It costs more than a 360, PS3 or Wii game. By the way, I have a Wii, and all I need is a GameCube controller, a memory card, and this game. It is cheap at GameStop, for $16.99 for GameCube, but I don't live around Annapolis, Dunkirk, or Halethorpe. I don't even know the other two places besides Annapolis.
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User Info: MawiocUdwoc

8 years ago#2
It is rare, but even so, that is way too expensive... I wouldn't get it at that price :O

I guess all I can say is to be patient, I was also looking for this (and other) game for a long time, till I finally found it in a place where they sell used games... and it was really cheap :)
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User Info: lastelixer

8 years ago#3
used movie stores often sell used games and have what gamestop won't even sell anymore.
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User Info: Chronoman17

8 years ago#4
I got this for $30 on Amazon, I didn't know it was sold so highly these days O_O.
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User Info: Zenithian Legend

Zenithian Legend
8 years ago#5
Hmm, I picked it up around the time it came out, wish I'd known they'd become flip-worthy or I would've picked up a few extra copies. I actually do wish I'd grabbed an extra for my brother, oh well.
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