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Just another reminder that I am in charge of this board. Forever.sparticusjoe111/26 8:35AM
Fools. This board is mine!Capital_Tenant11/27/2018
This board is mine now.hortanz11/27/2018
Still the reigning champ in Without Warning Board Claiming.sparticusjoe11/24/2018
2018's Board King is: Sparticusjoe!sparticusjoe11/6/2018
Still the O.G. of this board; still own it.sparticusjoe112/25/2017
R.I.P. my old topicmoneyman80111/25/2017
This board has been stolen. It is now mine.
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First board claiming topic of 2017, claimed by sparticusjoe.sparticusjoe41/2/2017
This is still obviously, emperically my board and that's just how the world is.sparticusjoe412/31/2016
I'm the owner of this board, as have I always.sparticusjoe27/16/2015
Sooooo Moddy-kun deleted my one-post topic but not the other guy's 23-post topicsparticusjoe25/28/2015
I still own this board. I have senority.sparticusjoe14/14/2015
I still own this board, as anyone with half a brain can see.sparticusjoe14/3/2015
Claiming this board; still.sparticusjoe22/4/2015
This board is still mine. This board has been claimed so many times by me.sparticusjoe21/14/2015
I own this without warning board now! This board is mine!sparticusjoe21/13/2015
First reminder of the new year that this board is mine.sparticusjoe41/6/2015
December's reminder that I own this board.sparticusjoe112/4/2014
November's third and final reminder. Muh board.sparticusjoe111/20/2014
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