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User Info: treos2

5 months ago#1
"kill X amount of enemies" but... NO FREAKING GUIDE GIVES AN ACTUAL NUMBER! >:(


even on other websites, there is no NUMBER given!

does ANYONE know the actual NUMBER of enemy kills required for each ability?

User Info: Player55

4 months ago#2
I say something^^

The FAQ actually has given us some numbers and in my opinion, they are the most important numbers I need to know: exploding magic circle and hip press lv. 2

(To get hip press lv. 2, destroying candles may also count, maybe)

But, I do not disagree with you (so please don't mad at me)^^

The other I.D. abilities usually could be gained naturally (for me), so I don't really need to know the numbers, but knowing them would still nice.

User Info: Player55

4 months ago#3
The FAQ makes mistake on this one:

++ Jumping Uppercut (A - FA - FA)
Trevor will quickly uppercut the enemy and jump into the air with him.

It should be A-A-'FA'-A or A-'FA'-'FA'-A

And add a move to the list: A-A-'FA'-A-'FA' or A-'FA'-'FA'-A-'FA

User Info: Player55

4 months ago#4
And add a move to the list: A-A-'FA'-A-'FA' or A-'FA'-'FA'-A-'FA

I try to add description to this move: like 'Energy Blast' at CLOI

User Info: FalKen01

3 months ago#5
There's no actual number to get certain skill but, I'll tell every special ability that I know anyway :

Hip Press Lv.2 from Golem Battle I.D
- You must execute 100 combo with the current form, Golem. You MUST turn off the I.D Crystal from
Summon menu, so it can keep it's form. Using short range weapon is advised as longer reach one
can destroy the candle, yes, you can execute combo with candle. The easiest way to do this is in area
that look like a square in the beginning of Mortvia Aqueduct. circling around that part and you'll get
the skill in no time.
P.S : This escapes me but on another board, you can simply hit the screws in Eneomaos Machine
Tower, the screws that when you hit to make the platform rise up.

Big Bang from Phoenix Bird I.D
- This one rather easy, assuming that you try to leveling him after this final form in higher areas. If not,
the skill can be acquired if you defeat certain number of enemies that above Lv.25, easy enough.

Salamander from Nautilus Rod Mage I.D (cmiiw)
- This one rather tedious, but quite easy to do if you play on PCSX2 emulator. All you have to do is
spent 1 hour with the current form I.D. Best place to do is the area that you fought Wyvern boss. To
make sure you didn't hold the analog stick just for running, put the rubber band on both the analog
stick, so it can make automatic alternative for this one, because holding one analog stick for too
long is just meh. And what I said before, playing on emulator PCSX2, you can abuse Turbo mode,
making these one hour running will be shorten.

Exploding M. Circle from Final Devil I.D
- This one is quite easy and hard at the same time. First, you need Chauve Souris, ultimate spear that
Isaac use in first confrontation. The recipe is quite easy, but the important material you must get is
Phlogiston from Flame Demon, one can get in Forest of Jigramunt, Devil's Vein, a steal from Isaac
himself and Dark Crystal from Evil Core, outside room from secret boss Legion. To conclude, you
must have Trident and Versatile Spear to make Chauve Souris. After that, try getting 100 Green
crystal using ONLY Chauve Souris, getting the crystal from lower spear than Chauve Souris is not
count, so if you attempt to do it with another spear, sorry, the skill will never ever learned.

P.S : I know this is my only opinion, but if you try farming something, Hip Press Lv.2 is the best. Not
only it can paralyze foe, it also gives huge damage, bested Aura Blast. This skill especially
useful to use to Amducias, to prevent it from unleash that paper tornado, or even if they unleashed
it, they still can die if you cast the Hip Press again while they do said attack.
No need to arguing, already giving up to those who think they're right.
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: treos2

3 months ago#6
*sigh* fine... i'll go and check the numbers of a few different abilities tonight...once i've finished eating supper. you guys can then go verify them for yourselves.

and FalKen01...next time, don't just quote things from old guides.

all of those skills you listed have had their requirements known and listed in numerous guides and sites for many years now.

edit: there, the Battle ID learns Heavenly Sword at approximately 100 kills after evolving to the Speed Mail form. not enough proof? here, i'll even provide a screenshot WITH cheat engine and the relevant value.


that value is separate from the kill number in the menu. this is the value for that specific skill and there's a different one for each skill that requires "X number of kills" to unlock.

why this hasn't been done YEARS AGO is beyond me but it took all of...around 40 minutes to test and prove. for the other skills i can just find the value, set it to 9 then 19 > 29 > 39 > etc. and get 1 kill each time until the relevant skill unlocks.

they're 4 byte values. nothing special at all. just, no one ever bothered to look for them till now.

i'm gonna evolve this ID to rasetz and get his glow sword skill using that 9 > 19 >etc. method now. should take...less than 10 minutes after he evolves and i get a few kills to find the relevant value.

i'll be back with another edit once i get that value.

edit2: HMMM... >:/ INTERESTING! that same kill count number actually remains the same BUT it resets every time the ID in question transitions to that learned/evolved scene with the black background!

so...upon evolving to speed mail, the battle ID's kill count actually resets...and when it then reaches 100 speed mail learns heavenly sword which then resets the counter again... and it resets AGAIN upon evolving to rasetz or corpsey...

so, it's currently at 11... hmmm...perhaps this isn't so much a kill counter as it is a value that triggers certain "flags" related to ID's.

if that's the case then i wonder if it's shared across all ID types. i'll check THAT after i get the kill count number for rasetz's Glow Sword.
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: treos2

3 months ago#7
FalKen01... my apologies...you were RIGHT!

it's not a "X number of kills" requirement. it's a "X number of POINTS" requirement!

the normal skeletons in the Baljhet Mountain region for example are 1 point while the Spectral Sword monster in Garibaldi Temple is 3 points...

sure enough, i set the value to 96 and as soon as i killed a 2nd spectral sword monster speed mail unlocked heavenly sword.

this completely changes things with the I.D. ability system. this means different monsters in the game each reward different amounts of points and it's THAT cumulative number that determines when an ability unlocks not how many kills you get with a give I.D. summoned.

baljhet mountains:

Skeleton - 1 point
Zombie - 2 points
Lizardman - 2 points
Wizard - 2 points
Skeleton Blaze - 2 point
Ghost - 1 point
Spirit - 1 point
Cockatrice - 2 points

Garibaldi Temple:

Spectral Sword - 3 points
Phantom Sword - 3 points

Speed Mail: Heavenly Sword - 100 points

Rasetz: Grand Wave - 50 points
Glow Sword - 200 points

we've ALL been completely wrong all these years!

for example. someone with speed mail could kill 100 skeletons in baljhet mountains and unlock heavenly sword OR they could kill 34 spectral sword/phantom sword's in garibaldi temple and unlock the skill with less kills!

edit: also, points do not reset upon entering a save room nor upon summoning/despawning NOR I.D. being KO'ed!
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: treos2

3 months ago#8
o_O could someone confirm if juggernaut via "score" value or if it has some other requirement like hip press lvl 2?

cause i set juggernaut's score to 1000...even as high as 1000000 (which it SHOULD auto unlock the ability if you do this via cheat engine) and nope, that thing ain't budging.

User Info: FalKen01

3 months ago#9
Why use CE if you can get it normally? I know and understand to fasten the process of not fighting
to get it, but, it doesn't that hard to learn.

Whenever I try to get specific I.D skills, I do the exact thing like what I wrote up there. It's much more
easy, for me.

But, I guess it's your own preference tho. :)
No need to arguing, already giving up to those who think they're right.

User Info: treos2

3 months ago#10
i'm not using cheat engine to skip the grind with this but rather to gather info.

since it turns out the game uses a score system for unlocking abilities and each monster givers a different amount of points, cheat engine can be used to observe and track how many points each monster gives.

without cheat engine i'd have no real way of figuring out that kind of info.
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