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User Info: The_Alpha_Gamer

11 years ago#1
Ok so i bought a preowned PSP a few days ok and GTA:LCS, GoW: CoO and Castlevania, all preowned. Everything was fine for the first two days, but then, when i got to the first mission on the second island of GTA, when it tries to load, i get the error in the title of this topic, i tried a few more times and it happened again. i cleaned the disk and the lens and that mission now loads after several minutes of trying, but if i go to the bridge, the bridge is seethrough and i get that error again, let if i drive straight over the seethrough bridge back to the first island, everything works fine.

I played on GoW after this started happening and it froze, yet i've been playing Castlevania all day and haven't had a single problem.

Are my two games the problem or is it my console?


11 years ago#2
"Ok so i bought a preowned PSP....."

That is your problem. You should never buy used portable systems. I would just go and buy a brand new one and spend the extra cash.
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User Info: xyboink

11 years ago#3
yes, don't buy a PREOWNED console before testing it. There's much people wants to sell consoles with some problems with the software to gain money to buy new one ! Look at E-bay, that is not unique...

Alpha_gamer, the GoW game is a high processing game and you're not alone with the problem of freezing window, just restart it and you can play it again...
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