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User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#1

Although there are Diablo clones like Lord of the Rings (return of the king), Baldur's Gate (dark alliance) and to a lesser extent Sword of Mana (just don't expect Secret of Mana quality) available on the GBA, they're...average.

There is ONE GBA game that's actually very good on this genre: Shining Soul 2.

On DS:

1st of all, AVOID: Children of Mana and Summon Night: Twin Age.

Rune Factory 2 and 3 are hybrids of ARPG + life simulator. 2 is slower paced and harder, 3 is flashier, has more action but it feels more casual.

Dungeon Explorer is the best Diablo clone on DS officially released in english. Has higher dificulty modes to unlock and the gameplay has this arcade quality to it but GFX sucks.

Ragnarok DS is focused on using the stylus (touch) and it's based on the famous MMORPG. Majority of the loot hunting happens in the Mirage Tower, which is a 50 floor semi-random dungeon. Allows many builds with different Classes you can "rebirth" into while lowering your LVLs.

Soma Bringer is in fact the best Diablo clone on DS, except it's only available in english via fan translations. Everything about this game is just top notch quality, including story and music. Allows skill respec at ANY TIME which is great for experimentation. Unlocks higher difficulties too.


After playing all PSP Diablo clones extensively, I have to say this Untold Legends is the best game of the lot. Unfortunately, the 2nd Untold Legends doesn't have semi-random dungeon generation. Among other things, I consider it inferior to this game (brotherhood) by a large margin. That said:

Dungeon Siege is pretty decent too. But replay value isn't too great here, it's too rigid and linear even on the skill trees. Silverfall is interesting, clunky and slow. I do prefer it over Dungeon Siege (better customization) but that's not saying much.

Dungeon Explorer is very repetitive BUT it does have the correct systems in place for people who like to hunt for loot for a very long time, including equipment upgrading, crafting permanent stat boosters, different Classes you can switch into at any time, etc.

Also, the PSP is capable of playing PSX games, including the original Diablo, which to be honest I still consider superior to any of the games mentioned thus far, except maybe Soma Bringer. But there's another notable PSX game:

Darkstone is simply solid on all fronts. This is the 1st game you want if you didn't play it already. Equipment with random bonuses, random shop stock that improves over time, higher difficulties, quests from a list and locked per playthrough, 3D isometric camera, creative spellbooks to experiment with (like Silence + Invisibility to create a semi-stealth mode or Berserk + Lycanthropy to become a fast Werewolf with your Wizard as a backup plan if you run out of Mana pots, or a Bow Sorcerer that absorbs Mana, etc). At times, this game almost reaches Diablo 2 level of epicness.

As for this Untold Legends:

My fav class is Alchemist. While Berserker surely is more fun for melee gameplay, Alchemist allows a combination of melee, mage and summoner all at once. My build is always MAX INT regardless of Class, for 2 reasons: 1-) it spices up my gameplay by allowing more skill variations to come into play and 2-) allocated stats aren't very useful in this game anyways so having more MP is the only thing that translates directly into having more fun as a player IMO. Specially in grindy games, variation is king. IMO this UL is above everything listed here except Darkstone (and maybe Soma Bringer). UL melee is superior to all of these games though thx to MANUAL guard being useful/fun.

User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#2
Forgot this one in the PSP section:

Valhalla Knights 2

This is hit or miss, for me it's a big hit. Not a Diablo clone, but it's all about free roaming dungeons enchanting equipment and hunting for rare chests for rare equipment and spellbooks to learn, with some gag/joke equipments thrown in. The thing is...

1-) Combat is very chaotic and it's usually over within a few seconds, either your party wins or lose. this is because taking multiple melee hits can stun and that equals death. BUT after you get some good status spells/class skills and go ranged, it's possible to solo. Touching enemies in the overworld transports you inside the battle.

2-) You HAVE to walk everywhere until you do some late-game special quests to unlock a few shortcuts. I actually like that as you really get to know the fictional world and best paths inside the dungeons but some people hate this. At which point...

There is a remake of the game called Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance. It added the Teleports around the world that players wanted so much BUT they removed all unique Class skills in exchange for a dumb power rangers style party attack. That completely kills the ability to solo the game not to mention those class abilities were really nice. For this reason, I think the original game is superior.

All of this said, the game has equipment that actually change your looks, multiple Races to choose from, along with multiple Classes, extremely rare "cards" that unlock advanced Classes, ultimately allowing multiclassing (but once again, this is boring without those Class abilities that Battle Stance lacks).

When you finish the game and complete the optional Tower dungeon, you can permanently power up all enemies in the world! Really cool.

I don't recommend this game if you intend on using a full party though. Simply because 3 seconds battles are boring.
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