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User Info: PaladinPete

10 years ago#1
I noticed that there is not a whole lot of information in regards to guides or strategies for this game. That is why I am announcing that I am currently working on an intensive in-depth guide for this game. I have been taking the time over the past few days (cause I only started a short while ago lol) to catalog every item I come across as well as a few other useful tidbits I won't divulge yet ;)

Hope this sparks a little bit more life into this board as well ^_^

User Info: LandauTST

10 years ago#2
Good to hear, I'll be looking forward to it.
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User Info: tigerfoxkiller

10 years ago#3
that will be great im new to this game im a level 20 first play through or a little less, if u need help just ask me on here
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