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User Info: The_Slake

11 years ago#1
Not changing my sig until TESV comes out : Started December 20, 2008

User Info: ColonelSoul12

11 years ago#2
Exactly. It's a great filler for RPGs until the next TES comes out. and btw, I'm diggin' that sig you have
but you're still gonna argue about this stupid garbage on GameFaqs. really?-Me
Welcome to the internet.- Renamon

User Info: AzElRpG

11 years ago#3
I totally agree. I haven't played it since I first got my psp in 2005 but I put it in today and I played for 3 hours straight.

Very under-rated, no-frills, action rpg. And the sound samples are from Everquest (since it's SOE), which brings back even more memories...
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