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User Info: brandizzlenukka

11 years ago#1
pissed that this game makes you think you beat it like 20 times before you actually do? I beat it a long time ago, and was pissed about all that, and my dad gave up on it cause he came up to me and was all i think i beat it like 10 times and i kept having to say no.
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User Info: BloodRayne52868

11 years ago#2
This is one of my favorite games for the PSP, but I agree w/ you. They make it sound like you've defeated the game, but when you're like "yay I've completed the game" you come back to town & they throw another quest at you. That's the only part of the game I found annoying, I can only play this game in small doses at a time, however regardless of this I still love the game.
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