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User Info: Waizard13

7 years ago#1
So, now that AOE 2 got an expansion after 14 years, how long until we have an expansion of this one?
I personally would love a set of maps an new civilizations from oceania (Aboriginal would be great) and south america (Incas please).
Anyone has any info on that, or a suggestion?
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User Info: TheLastAvatar05

7 years ago#2
Age of Empires 2 and Conquers were a year apart. So I don't know where you're getting 14 years from. The HD version is not an expansion, just a graphical update they unesscarry produced.

Robot Entertaiment has been dead with any announcement or discussion of Age of Empires 4 for years now that most have given up expecting a sequel. The Age of Empires series died when Ensemble Studios closed down to be honest.
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