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  3. Too bad the controls are broken in this otherwise perfect game

User Info: jayj420

8 years ago#1
Honestly, this would be the best game ever if the controls weren't such a broken mess. The driveby aiming is far too complex, and the entire lock on system doesn't function at all. Honestly, you're far better off holding the aim button half way every time you need to shoot someone, as the lock on system does nothing besides screw you over. No joke, every single time I die or get arrested in GTA, it is due to error caused by broken controls. For example, if I happen to be surrounded by gang members trying to shoot me, and if I by accident happen to press in the right trigger in too far and cause my character to lock on, it will usually screw me over as I will get thrown off, aim at something that isn't immediately threatening, and wind up running around like a headless chicken until I get my composure with manual aim again or get mowed down by enemies.

Basically, it is too bad the controls are as bad as they are, as it is the only aspect of the game that causes needless frustration. The xbox version seems like the ultimate version of the game (PS2 version isn't nearly as good physics and graphics wise, and the PC version requires a mouse and keyboard), it's just too bad the lock on system is as bad as it is. I can't help but to get frustrated with the game when the controls screw me over, it is just essential to remember how you can never pull the right trigger all the way.

User Info: Carydogg

8 years ago#2
I never had a major problem with the lock on system. But yea, the drive by system is awful.
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User Info: spaceeinstein

8 years ago#3
jayj420 posted...
the PC version requires a mouse and keyboard
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User Info: dtmr

8 years ago#4
Holding the trigger all the way down? Are you talking about GTA IV or San Andreas?
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  3. Too bad the controls are broken in this otherwise perfect game
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