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User Info: NotForgotten

8 months ago#1
Welcome fellow gamers,
(was that too cringy?)

So I kinda want to replay pokemon pearl again. ( I know who wants to do that)
But i don't know what team to use so here I am asking you guys, if anyone still comes here.

You can suggest me any team doesn't matter what !( but try to be a bit reasonable :3
also none of that 'pick infernape and 5 slaves to spam revive if he dies',
I want to have fun while playing ^^)

if you decide to let your team down below, Thank you !
and if you don't then that is fine too :)
IGN: Joren FC: 1178-3533-3530

User Info: Vriska

8 months ago#2
I just replayed pearl- its such a good game.
The way I build teams in games ive replayed a few times is by using pokemon I have never used in any play through in any game. (which at least makes it easy to pick pokemon!) Id definitely recommend trying that out.

I suggest boxing your starter (unless you really dont want to)
shinx is a pretty good pokemon, and you can find it pretty quickly. maybe try out some of the in-game trade pokemon too? (I used a chatot, "Charap" in my playthrough)
Spiritomb is also awesome, but a bit of a pain to get.

User Info: NotForgotten

8 months ago#3
Thanks for leaving a sugestion!

Boxing the starter does sound pretty interesting, and i might do that. ^^

I probably won’t use shinx, have used him like every

But I will most likely use your advice of not using pokemon I have already used before.

What was the team you used to beat the game?
IGN: Joren FC: 1178-3533-3530
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