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4 months ago#1
My team is great, with 4 fully evolved pokemon by the end of the third gym. (Okay, two trade evos, a gyarados, and a blissey, and working on a gastly, but still, pretty good, right?) My Gyarados is actually fished in twinleaf town, not 218, gives me a surf pokemon there, and I've done similar tricks to ensure my team's survival (My greatest losses so far are batterycat the luxio, buddy the budew, and cro the zubat(I thought she would make it)) My team is now Gastly, Alakazam, Golem, Blissey, Gyarados, and Grotle. In the box, I have a cleffa, cherubi, buneary, ponyta, stunky, and psyduck. Who should I use next if something on my team dies, and is shock wave good on blissey?
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