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Quick question:

So it is my first time in EV training, i already got around 46 attack ev for my lucario, but i decided to use vitamins until it gets to 100, and i was able to add 6 proteins, so does it mean that the current attack ev is 106?

User Info: rutgersfan1993

10 years ago#462
i just want to be on this post
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User Info: purplepickle

10 years ago#463
When I use the stat decreasing berries for a certain stat, and used the same amount stat increasing vitamin, why was the stat lower than it was before? (it was in emarld)
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User Info: jemal88

10 years ago#464
im new to competitive battling and ev training and want to know how to properly ev train my lucario

User Info: thrash777

10 years ago#465
inb4 500
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User Info: dragonwing629

10 years ago#466
Excellent.. finally understand it properly.
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User Info: Alexdude26

10 years ago#467
I have a question. (I don't know if it's in the guide or not) If I Say fight 255(Don't worry I have pokerus and the item so it's actually a lot less) and I reach the maximum amount of ev's for that stat, but let's say I fight twice as many ghastly as I should. Does that take away the ability to train ev's on other stats such as speed? Or does it now count as me using ev's? please help, and thanks.

User Info: Alexdude26

10 years ago#468

User Info: young_link8294

10 years ago#469
I just got this game, and I think you just pre-amptively got rid of any confusion I would normally have. I also finally found out what the little purple box is that says PKRS. (got it on Chimchar on my first battle).
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User Info: Muldism

10 years ago#470
Awesome! This info really helped answer some of my questions about EV's (mainly wether a pokemon who does not kill it's opponent but gets exp. still get EVs) Now I can finaly start training my Pokemon for the Battle Tower and WiFi.
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