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User Info: drcossack

10 years ago#451
I got a level 100 Snormalx, and Im EV training him on attack and Defense, my question is according to the guide here if I use the:
Tamato : -10 Speed EVs
right? now my question is, hes level 100 will it reduce its speed? and I'll be able to train more his attack now? or since is level 100 nothing will change now?

what If I keep giving him Tamato berries? will its speed keep decreasing?
or Im screwed cus its already level 100?

You can't EV train him if he's at level 100, but yes, you can reduce his speed with Tamato berries (I believe the first takes it down to 100, then everything after that decreases it by 10.)
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User Info: WiiDialga

10 years ago#452
Awesome guide man. Read it all the way through. I'm going to start playing Diamond again and really get into this EV stuff. Also to complete my pokedex. Thanks again man, glad it got stickied.
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User Info: Ludicolo_FESTA

10 years ago#453

User Info: OpShaft

10 years ago#454
Lol, Ludicolo.
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User Info: kingqaz

10 years ago#455

Hi all, I just finished breeding a Magikarp with pretty good IVs (my first IV breed pokemon.) I plan to raise a Gyarados with the following moveset:
Dragon Dance
Aqua Tail
? (any suggestions appreciated)
And I was wondering what a good EV spread would be. I don't think he falls into the category of sweeper due to the fact that his moveset is based on a stat increasing move.

User Info: Ruesap

10 years ago#456
Gyarados can run quite a few different EV spreads.

I could recommend for you the bulky Gyarados set; however, that spread is only truly effective with perfect IVs.

Generally, you would want to max Atk, have enough speed to out-speed a specific threat after a Dragon Dance, then throw the rest in HP. Try to outspeed Gengar after a Dragon Dance, who maxes at 350 Speed.
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User Info: ZeroSaviorX7

10 years ago#457
Serebii lists Pokemon having 1-3 EV points. Let's say... I'm getting 3 points of HP EV points from Nidoqueen, does that count as 3/4 of the 4 EV points I should have to my Pokemon? If so, then I believe I've made a boo boo and need to use my berries :O. Please, elaborate on the distribution and point setup.

I know that Pokemon like Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Poliwrath, Vileplume, Blastoise, and Pidgeot give 3 points towards each different HP, Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, and Spe so what I'm really asking are the 3 points eahc 3/4 HP, 3/252, 3/252. And each time i defeat another one it will be 6/252 etc?

And another question what about your level? How many should I intend to get during each level my Pokemon is in? Could I get all 252 in just one level? Or distribute them evenly up to level 100?

User Info: ZeroSaviorX7

10 years ago#458
I have read, I only need things clarified. When they are "assigned" that confuses me. Does that mean I can really just get them all in one level?

For example: I'm working on EV training a level 50 Arcanine. I need a 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe EV spread.
So I fight a Nidoqueen and a Caterpie for Nidoqueen's 3 points and Caterpie's 1 point.
Then I decide to fight like 84 (42 with Machobrace/Pokerus??) Nidokings to get 252 Attack EVs.
And then I decide on fighting 84 Pidgeots for my 252 Speed EVs.
Is that right? Can I do all that fighting just as level 50? and then carry on leveling up and my EVs are "assigned" to where i earned them?

I kind of understand it this way: you fight the pokemon like Nidoqueen and then level up the 3 points you have are assigned to HP and boost it up by 3, correct?

I'm sorry for the trouble, I just need a lot clarification.

User Info: Ruesap

10 years ago#459
Previous poster: The level does not matter when EV training, as long as the Pokemon does not have any EVs beforehand. It's also very important to completely ignore the level-up boosts, as they mean nothing - only at level 100 will the full effects of the EVs show. You can kill all of your Pidgeots and Nidoqueens at level 50 and get full EVs, but only at level 100 will you see the *full* results.
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User Info: ZeroSaviorX7

10 years ago#460
Thanks for the help.
Another and last question.
With the Pokerus and Macho brace on a pokemon and if I fight a regular Pidgeot that gives 3 points will it be doubled to 6 and then again doubled to 12 EV speed points?
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