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User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#1


Section 1.1: An Introduction
Section 1.2: I need YOU!

Section 2.1: What are EVs?
Section 2.2: What is an EV Spread?
Section 2.3: What are IVs?

Section 3.1: Some Useful Tools
Section 3.2: The Battling
Section 3.3: Finishing Up

Section 4.1: EV Hotspots
Section 4.2: Frequently Asked Questions.

Section 5.1: In Closing

Section 1.1: An Introduction

This here is a guide, written by me, Weremidget, to aid people on their quest to begin EV Training. While many members of the Pokemon-Playing Society already know how to EV Train, newcomers are constantly hearing about this fandangled method of uberising Pokemon and rushing to hit the “new topic” button.

So, there’s already a FAQ on EV training, right? So why would I bother typing all of this out? Because, despite the FAQ already in existence, there are still dozens of questions being asked over and over on the boards about EV Training by newcomers.

Hopefully, this sticky edition (Version 2, updated and reposted for the new Sticky sytem) will succeed in it’s quest to become pinned and end the flood of questions.

Section 1.2: I Need YOU!

The new process for the stickying of topics at GameFAQs, currently being Beta tested, involves simple nominations from members of the boards, such as yourselves. A detailed introduction to this method can be viewed here:


The downside to this is that many of the users that find this topic helpful won’t be at the required User Level (31) to make a request. So, if you can’t, try and find a friend to do it for you or something.

The way you go about nominating the topic is simple. See up there, to the left, beneath my username, how it says ‘Message Detail’? Click that and then scroll to the bottom of the new page and click Request Sticky Topic. It’s that simple, voila, the topic has a request. If enough people do that, then the topic will go up to be considered for a Sticky by the Mods.


User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#2
Section 2.1: What are EVs?

EVs, Effort Values, or Effort Points, are a little like Experience Points: they are obtained by fainting opposing Pokemon. The main difference between Experience Points and EVs is that no matter what level of Pokemon you battle, you’ll always get the same number of EVs. What the EVs depend on is the species of Pokemon.

For example:

Battling a level 5 Zubat may get you 30 Exp. Points while battling a level 20 Zubat would give you a few hundred. But, though the levels and Exp. Points gained are different, the Pokemon that battled either Zubat would still get 1 Speed EV.

EVs come from battling any Pokemon and are gained by any Pokemon that gets Experience Points in a battle. Different Pokemon have different numbers of EVs for different stats. Like that Zubat which had 1 Speed EV or say, an Empoleon which gives 3 Special Attack EVs.

EV training is simply battling the right Pokemon that gives the right EVs. So now, onto the numbers side of things:

So, what do these E-Vs do, you ask? Well there is a limit to how many you can get on one Pokemon, 510. Once a Pokemon has 510 EVs, they can gain no more. Having 4 EVs for one stat will mean 1 more stat point that Pokemon has at level 100. That bit took a few times to make sense to me so I’ll throw in another example here:

If you have a Pokemon with zero EVs at level 100, its Speed might be 200. But if that same Pokemon got 4 Speed EVs before it reached level 100, then it’s speed would be 201.
So for every 4 EVs you get in a stat, that stat gets 1 extra point at level 100. Make sense? Excellent.

Those more maths-able of you reading this might by now have realized that 510, the number of EVs each Pokemon can get, is not cleanly divisible by 4. That is why we generally just discredit the remaining two EVs in an EV spread.

So 508 EVs to distribute around a Pokemon’s stats for a potential overall stat gain of 127 points at level 100. So, can’t you just dump all of those EVs into making something super-duper-fast or defensive? The answer is no, you can’t. There is a limit to how many EVs each stat can get which is 255.

Again, those more maths-able in the audience may have realized that we have another number not cleanly divisible by four. 255 / 4 = 63.75. So, what we do is just say that the maximum for a stat is 252, discrediting, though not completely, those other three EVs.

If you have the EVs spread out with two stats getting the maximum bonus, then you end up with 508 – 252 – 252 which equals 4, one stat point worth, which is where those extra EVs from the 255 went to. You may be saying, “But 2 * (255-252) leaves us with 6 EVs!”. Well, you’d be right but two of those 6 are the 2 we discredit to get 508 from 510 because 6 isn’t divisible by 4.

Wow, it really doesn’t feel like that would be too easy to understand for anyone completely new to this so I’ll put in as simple terms as possible:

We only put 252 of the possible 255 EVs into a stat because 255 isn’t divisible by 4. Because we don’t use the maximum, we have 4 EVs left over to go to a third stat. But remember, this is only when the EVs are spread over 2 stats getting the maximum.

Hopefully that kind of cleared up the numbers in EVs without being overly-complicated. It is very simple really.

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#3
Section 2.2: What is an EV Spread?

Well, now we know how EVs work, let’s sort out how they are divided. The EV Spread is the way the 508 EVs are distributed, into which stats. This depends on the role of the Pokemon being EV Trained.

For, say, a Physical Sweeper, you would want to have Attack and Speed as high as possible, right? So, in the case of many Sweepers, the EV Spread would involve maximizing those two stats with a spread like I mentioned in the previous section:

252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 ???

(Those last 4 EVs often go to Hit Points but in most cases they don’t matter too much.)

However, often, a Pokemon needs the EVs to be spread a little more thinly. The following is the EV spread for my Special Tank Cresselia:

252 HP / 128 Def / 128 S. Atk

EV spreads are often customized for the Pokemon using them. For example, you’d expect this Cresselia to get Special Defense EVs, being a Special Tank, but I decided to put those EVs into Defense considering Cresselia’s already significant Special Defense.

Another factor influencing EV spreads are IVs. Breeders often give a Pokemon the right EVs to get a stat to just the right level given the IV for that stat. If you don’t know what an IV is, check the following section for a description and how to check them.

Note: These are NOT necessarily the best options for EV spreads. In most cases better spreads than those demonstrated above can be calculated. Those chosen have been shown purely for their simplicity.

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#4
Section 2.2: What are IVs?

IVs, Individual Values, are numbers your Pokemon gets for each stat the moment you catch or breed it. They are numbers that can not be changed after they’ve been set, though research is being put into how they can be affected before they are.

Individual Values can range between 0 and 31 and, as the name suggests, makes each Pokemon individual, and it is, hence, extremely rare to find 2 that are the same. The effect of Individual Values is simple, the number, whichever it is from 0 to 31, is the full extent of the IV bonus at 100. Example time:

You have a Pokemon who, at level 100, has a Speed stat of 200. That Pokemon might have 0 Speed IVs. If that same species of Pokemon with the same EV distribution were to have 31 Speed IVs, then at level 100 they would have a Speed stat of 231. Make sense? Excellent.

But don’t be mistaken, the IVs aren’t just added on at level 100, like the effect of EVs, IVs can be seen influencing stats at any level. Level 100 is just when they are most prominent and can be put into the 0-31 range.

So, how do you see what IVs a Pokemon has in which stats?

The simplest answer to this question is IV Calculators, unless you want to do the Maths yourself. An example of an IV calculator can be seen here:


To calculate the IVs of any Pokemon, simply input the right numbers into the right slots and choose the nature, level and species of the Pokemon. At the bottom of that little box it says EVs. Often, you won’t want to EV train a Pokemon that doesn’t have good IVs, so it’s best to not battle with this Pokemon at all, and not have to put any EVs into those boxes.

But if you just put in the stats from a level 1 Pokemon you just hatched, you’ll find you don’t get very accurate answers. Why is this? The reason for this is because of my statement above, that IVs have the biggest influence at higher levels. Naturally, this means that they have a smaller influence at lower levels, and thus can not be accurately pinpointed.

Now that leaves you with a Pokemon you want to be at a high level without giving any EVs. What we do in this situation is have an IV battle. This is when you have a battle over WiFi with the levels set at 100. Having the levels set at 100 means you can see what the stats would be for your Pokemon at level 100 without having to raise it that high. Write down the stats for the Pokemon you battled with and head back to the IV Calculator.

Now, change the level to 100 and write in the stats you recorded from your IV battle. Assuming you haven’t battled with the Pokemon at all, you can leave the EVs blank. Now when you calculate you should get an extremely accurate reading of your Pokemon’s IVs.

Once you’ve bred or caught a Pokemon with IVs your happy with, for example good Speed and Special Attack for a Special Sweeper, you can happily begin your EV training.

Note: Getting decent IVs on a Pokemon is not an essential part of EV training, in fact, IVs usually have the smallest effect on the end result of a stat. You will find it easier and quicker to bypass IVs and simply find a Pokemon with a good nature and ability, though many people strive for perfection and see IVs as a crucial influence.

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#5
Section 3.1: Some Useful Tools

Before you set to work battling and EV Training, there are a few tools and aids (no, not AIDS though there is a helpful disease) to make the whole process a lot less painful and a lot quicker. Below is a list:

Power Items:

These are hold items which lower the Speed stat but add four EVs to whichever stat they specialize in.

Power Anklet - Lowers Speed, adds four Speed EVs on top of the usual EV gain when experience is gained.

Power Band - Lowers Speed, adds four Special Defense EVs on top of the usual EV gain when experience is gained.

Power Belt - Lowers Speed, adds four Defense EVs on top of the usual EV gain when experience is gained.

Power Bracer - Lowers Speed, adds four Attack EVs on top of the usual EV gain when experience is gained.

Power Lens - Lowers Speed, adds four Special Attack EVs on top of the usual EV gain when experience is gained.

Power Weight - Lowers Speed, adds four Hit Points EVs on top of the usual EV gain when experience is gained.

These “Power Items” Can be obtained for 16 Battle Points at the Battle Tower.

Note: The power item gain does not change with what you are battling, if you are getting 2 Speed EVs from wild Pokemon, yet holding the Power bracer, then you’ll get 2 Speed EVs and 4 Attack EVs.


Pokerus is a disease your Pokemon can catch at random by battling wild Pokemon. It is very rare for a Pokemon to catch Pokerus. The disease is a very helpful tool for EV Training as it doubles the number of EVs gained per battle (after the addition from Power Items).

Once a Pokemon has Pokerus, it will have a purple box in the top right corner of the picture in the infected Pokemon’s summary. This means that it has the disease in the infectious state. By battling with that Pokemon in first, you can spread the disease to other Pokemon by having them second in your line-up.

If you have an infected Pokemon in your party at midnight, I think that’s how it goes, the Pokerus will be cured and reach the non-infectious state. An indicator of this is a smiley face in the lower-right corner of the infected Pokemon’s picture in its summary. Don’t worry, a Pokemon with a smiley face will still get double EVs, but it can’t spread the Pokerus to others.

To preserve Pokerus, infect a Pokemon with it and throw it in a PC Box. Remember, just because it’s a disease, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Note: The order of operations when coupling Pokerus with any power items is as follows:

Usual EV gain from fainting opposing Pokemon + Power Item Bonus * Pokerus

So, let U = Usual EV gain and P = Power Item Bonus
2 * (U + P) = Total EV gain

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#6
Macho Brace:

This is another hold item and it has the same effect as Pokerus: it doubles the EVs gained in battle but also slows down the holder. Coupled with Pokerus, you can get four times the usual EV gain from a single battle. The Macho Brace can be either Pal Parked across from the third generation or, if you can show the guy living above the Pastoria Poke-Mart all 3 types of Burmy, he’ll give you one free of charge.


Vitamins are super-EV-drugs that give a Pokemon a boost of 10 EVs in the corresponding stat. The list is as follows:

Protein: 10 Attack EVs

Calcium: 10 Special Attack EVs

Iron: 10 Defense EVs

Zinc: 10 Special Defense EVs

Carbos: 10 Speed EVs

HP Up: 10 Hit Points EVs

A Pokemon is limited to 10 of each vitamin so obviously in many cases you’ll need to do more than just drug up your Pokemon to get the right number of EVs in a stat.

These are available for a hefty sum nearing 10,000 from the Veilstone Mall or for a mere 1 Battle Points at the Battle Tower.

Exp. Share:

This is, as most people should know, a hold item that gives the holder half of the Experience Points gained in battle, even if it didn’t fight itself. Well, good news: It gives the holder EVs as well, but, it gets better, the number of EVs the holder gets isn’t halved!

This can be used to EV Train a Pokemon that’s at a level too low to be able to rake in the EVs itself, as is common. The downside is, if it’s holding the Exp. Share, it can’t be holding the Macho Brace or any of the Power Items and thus will get EVs slower. An alternative is the good old-fashioned technique of having the Pokemon in first place holding a Power Item and switching it out at the start of the battle. If it gets any Experience Points at all from the battle, it’ll get full EVs.

EV-Reducing Berries:

“What’s that?!”, you say, “EV Reducing berries? Why would I want to reduce my Pokemon’s EVs?!” Well, the answer’s simple. Because you stuffed up. Because you learnt about EVs after training your Jolly 31 Attack/Speed IV Infernape on the Elite Four. Because the Shiny Pokemon you got in a trade from some n00b was trained on the Elite Four. That’s why. These berries can knock out all EVs so you can start the EV training process again. Or just take off those you don’t want and let you reassign them. They’ll also raise your Pokemon’s happiness. Yippy!

Here’s a list of the berries. Each one will lower their corresponding stat by 10 EVs. They’re pretty much the opposite of Vitamins.

Pomeg: -10 Hit Points EVs
Kelpsy: -10 Attack EVs
Qualot: -10 Defense EVs
Hondew: -10 Special Attack EVs
Grepa: -10 Special Defense EVs
Tamato: -10 Speed EVs

One more crucial piece of information about these berries: If a Pokemon already has more than 100 EVs in a stat, then using one of the corresponding berries will reduce the EVs in that stat from whatever they were to 100. After that they each subtract 10 EVs. Thus the largest amount of berries required to clear all Berries off one stat is 11.

Note: Be careful not to use the last of these berries, grow more and always have at least one left over in case you need to use the same type later.

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#7
Section 3.2: The Battling

Remember, you have to start with a clean slate, the Pokemon you’re EV training can not already have any EVs or it could stuff everything up.

The most key rule to remember, really, in this phase is that if gained Exp., it gained EVs. No matter how much of an impact a Pokemon had on the battle, if it got any fraction of the Experience Points gained, be it 1 or 100%, it will get full EVs. No exceptions.*

Now, you’ve got your first Pokemon ready for EV training. It’s infected with Pokerus, holding a Macho Brace and stuffed full of Vitamins. Now you just have to battle a bunch of Pokemon for those last EVs.

Despite all the help from the stuff in the last section, you’ll still have a few battles to fight. Serebii.net has, in its Pokedex, a section telling which Pokemon to fight for EVs in each stat. The highest number of EVs from one Pokemon isn’t, however, always the best as you’ll be hard pressed to find many of the Pokemon that give out high numbers of EVs.

For example, instead of trying to find wild Salamence or Rhyperior (you can’t) for the 3 Attack EVs, I’ve always just opted to battle a few more times against Bibarel which give up 2. In the long run, considering Bibarel’s ridiculous frequency, it’s far quicker.

Battling trainer’s Pokemon in-game works, too. They still offer the same number of EVs and many make it far quicker. An example of that is the Magikarp guy just West of Eterna City with 6 Magikarp. That’s 6 Speed EVs, huge possibilities each time you battle him if you take advantage of the tools at your disposal. Or the Bidoof girl with 5 Bidoofs South of Solaceon, 5 HP EVs right there.

If you know where to go and what to do, and if you’ve used Vitamins and you’re holding Power Items and infected with Pokerus. EV Training can become a quick, painless and extremely rewarding method.

*Unless, of course, the receiver already has all EVs assigned.

Section 3.3: Finishing Up

Now that you’ve done the maths, developed a spread, fed your Pokemon Vitamins and battled a few dozen times, you’re Pokemon should have all it’s EVs assigned, except for those last 2. Battle anything at all (that gives 2 EVs or 1 with a Macho Brace/Pokerus) and those last 2 EVs will be assigned, it doesn’t really matter where they go.

You’ll want to get the right moveset on your Pokemon and make sure it fits in nicely with it’s role. Then, once everything’s well and good, it’s time to take a visit to Sunnyshore.

Put your recently EV trained Pokemon first in your party and visit the market store north of the Poke-Center near where you head off towards Victory Road. Inside, talk to the lady to the right. If all the EVs have been assigned, she’ll be very impressed and give your Pokemon a nice, wee “Effort Ribbon”.

Aaw, how cute.

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#8
Section 4.1: EV Hotspots

This section features a list of particular locations that are ideal for training various stats. I can’t take credit for this list as it was provided for me by another member of the GameFAQs Diamond Board.

Using the Vs. Seeker

Note: This list has been made assuming that the listed trainers have leveled their Pokemon as high as possible. In many cases, if their Pokemon are in earlier stages of their evolution line they will not give the required amount of EVs

Route 209 - Cowgirl Shelley - L14, 15, 15, 15, and 16 Bidoof (5 HP)
Route 210 - Bird Keeper Brianna (lower level) - L38 and 42 Noctowl (4 HP)
Route 212 - Fisherman Travis (bottom) - L17, 17, and 18 Barboach, L20 Shellos (4 HP)
Route 213 - Tuber Jared (pacing) - L52, 53, and 51 Gastrodon (6 HP)
Route 219 ? Tuber Mariel ? L29 and 29 Marill (4 HP)

Route 203 - Lass Madeline (upper area) - L38 Staraptor, L38 Bibarel (5 Attack)
Route 213 - SwimmerM Sheltin - L30, 29, and 31 Gyarados (6 Attack)
Route 214 - PI Carlos - L36 Goldeen, L37 and 38 Seaking (5 Attack)
Route 218 - Fisherman Miguel (bottom) - L53 and 53 Gyarados (4 Attack)
Route 222 ? Fisherman Alec (leftmost) ? L53 and 53 Gyarados (4 Attack)
Route 225 ? Ace Trainer Quinn (standing still) ? L53 Pinsir and L53 Mightyena (4 Attack)

Route 210 (tall grass area) - Ninja Boy Fabian (middle) - L23, 23, and 26 Geodude (3 Defense)
Route 212 (rain area) - Collector Dominique - L17, 18, and 19 Geodude (3 Defense)
Route 221 ? Collector Ivan ? L51, 52, and 53 Hippopotas (3 Defense)

Special Attack:
Route 212 (rain area) - PKMN Ranger Jeffrey (northwest end) - L21 and 21 Prinplup (4 Sp. Attack)
Route 212 (rain area) - Scientist Shaun (need Cut) - L53 and 53 Alakazam (6 Sp. Attack)
Route 214 - Psychic Mitchell (spinning, pacing) - L38 Haunter, L42 Kadabra (4 Sp. Attack)
Route 214 - Collector Douglas (south end of split paths) - L20, 22, and 24 Roselia (6 Sp. Attack)

Special Defense:
Route 210 (foggy section) - Ninja Boy Davido (upper level) - L27 Dustox (3 Sp. Defense)
Route 230 ? SwimmerF Sophia (bottom of pair with SwimmerM) ? L50 Mantyke, L52 Mantine (3 Sp. Defense)
Route 230 ? SwimmerF Mallory (pacing, spinning, in the top "row" of rocks) ? L50 Seel, L54 Dewgong (3 Sp. Defense)

Route 205 (water bridge section) - Fisherman Andrew (second from right) - L10, 10, 10, 10, 10, and 10 Magikarp (6 Speed)
Cycling Road - Cyclist John (third male from top) - L37 and 39 Staravia (4 Speed)

Against Wild Pokemon

Route 212 - Surf
Wooper - 1 EV
Quagsire: - 2 EVs

Routes 203, 204, 209, 212 North and 214; Twinleaf, Resort Area, Lake Verity, Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, Spring Path - Fishing (Super Rod)
Seaking - 2 EVs
Gyarados - 2 EVs

Unown Maniac Cave (The Cave South of Veilstone)
Geodude - 1 EV
Hippopotas - 1 EV

Special Attack:
Old Chateau
Gastly - 1 EV
Haunter - 2 EV*
Gengar - 3 EV*
Other Options: Psyduck (1 EV) and Golduck (2 EV) - Surf anywhere
*These require you to have any advance version of Pokemon in the GBA slot of your DS

Special Defense:
Route 205, 213, 218, 219 ,220, 221& 222, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, Canalave City, Pastoria City & Valley Windworks - Surf
Tentacool - 1 EV
Tentacruel - 2 EVs

Victory Road - Surf
Golbat - 2 EVs

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#9
Section 4.2: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I finished my EV Training, got the Ribbon, but when I level up, the amounts that the stats go up is still the same, did I stuff it up?
A. No. This is completely normal. The EVs don’t affect your stats instantly, they affect them at level 100, though that doesn’t mean the last time you level up your Pokemon will get a 127 point boost, the gain is spread over the levels. Unless you did all of your EV Training at level 99.

Q. So does that mean I have to get a Pokemon to level 100 for any EVs to take effect?
A. No, they will have less effect earlier on but the effect will be there. Plus, when you battle on WiFi, you can set the battle to have your Pokemon at level 100, so if you’ve done all the EV training beforehand they’ll be the same then as if you were to raise the Pokemon to level 100 by hand.

Q. Does it matter what I fight after EV training?
A. Nope, all the EVs have been assigned, you’re in no danger of screwing up your EV Spread any more. Battle what you wish to level up your Pokemon now.

Q. I have a Pokemon that already has a bunch of random EVs, is it too late to EV train it now that the spread is screwed up?
A. No, you can use the EV reducing berries. Using enough of the berries will clear the EVs completely and that Pokemon can be retrained, but only if it hasn’t yet reached level 100.

Q. How do I check my Pokemon’s EVs?
A. You don’t. There’s no way to check a Pokemon’s EVs, so you just have to keep a track of what you’re doing. I like to have a plan of the exact process of fulfilling a particular spread before I start. Using the Counter Application on the Poketch helps when you’re battling too, though it resets when you change Poketch Applications or save and turn off your DS.

Q. Are Rare Candies bad?
A. No, the only reason people think Rare Candies are bad is because using them to level up your Pokemon means that Pokemon doesn’t get any EVs. This can be a good thing if you want to get a Pokemon to a higher level before you start EV Training. After EV training, it doesn’t matter anyway.

User Info: weremidget

11 years ago#10
Q. Do Lucky Eggs affect EV gaining?
A. Nope, not at all.

Q. Will my Pokemon keep their EVs when they evolve?
A. Yes, they will. The only way you’ll lose EVs is via the EV reducing Berries.

Q. When I try to give my Pokemon vitamins, it says that they won’t have any effect, why is this?
A. This could be for either of two reasons. Firstly, you may have already used the maximum amount of vitamins. If that’s not the case, then it’s probably because the stat you’re using vitamins to give EVs to already has 100 EVs. Once a Pokemon has 100 EVs in a stat, it can no longer have that stat’s corresponding vitamin which is why I would suggest using vitamins before you start doing anything else.

Q. Does it matter what level I EV train a Pokemon at?
A. Not unless the Pokemon already has any EVs or is at level 100. Otherwise you can EV train a Pokemon at any evolution at any level and it won’t have any ultimate difference.

Q. Will my Pokemon gain EVs from battling at the Battle Tower?
A. No, your Pokemon will not gain any EVs from battling in the Battle Tower or in matches against other players. Not that battling in the Battle Tower would be a particularly effective way to EV train.

Q. Can I still use the EV Reducing berries after a Pokemon has received the Effort Ribbon?
A. Yes you can, though you will be unable to get another Effort Ribbon to confirm once all EVs have been reassigned. Thanks to Hikaru Ichijoe for that answer

Q. Whenever I EV train a Pokemon and raise it to level 100, it seems to be a few stats off the maximum it could be, why is this?
A. This will be the effect of IVs and them not being at their maximum. (See Section 2.3)

Section 5.1: In Closing

If this Guide has failed to answer a question of yours, then that question now merits it’s own topic though I can’t think of what I’ve missed.

I hope my Guide has successfully educated newcomers to the concept of EV training in an easy, yet in-depth level as I have planned for it to do. So thanks to anyone that’s taken the time to let my Guide be the one to teach them.

If this topic has helped you, or if you think it's really beneficial to the board and want to see it get stickied, I urge you to make a Request.

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