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User Info: gabikun

11 years ago#1
So, this is a topic to put all differences found between these two versions of the game. As far as I know (I've not finished the SFC version, only the DS version) these are the differences I found:


- DS version has 4 new dungeons, including one trial at the first of the game.

- There are also 3 new different types of monsters, every one with its own special annoying attack.

- In the DS version monsters can reach level 4. In the SFC version the maximum level was 3.

- Some SFC quests have changed slightly in the DS version. Also there are new quests no available in the SFC version (the Blacksmith's daughter quest, for example).

- You can go forth and back in the first 14 floors of table mountain. BUT if you go back, there won't be any new items in those floors (exceptions: random shops and random Monster Houses, which always have items). Also, if you go back to the 1st village, your level will go back to level 1, but you will still have ALL your items and money.

- There are new items in the DS version, also there were items in the SFC version that are no longer in the game, and finally there are items that have changed its property slightly (see "items section" for details).

- You can befriend one more character in the DS game (but it's a secret :P). Also, Pekeji can level up now.

- Shiren stats have changed between the SFC and the DS version (See "About Shiren" for details)


- The DS version has recycled old music, now it sounds better. Also there are new tunes for the new dungeons (I like specially the sound of the "Trial dungeon"). Sounds are also better (every sword has its own sound when slashing something, and so on)

- The DS has better animations than the SFC version. Characters move better, the spells look better, also the monsters special attacks look improved.

User Info: gabikun

11 years ago#2

- In SFC, the maximum HP cap was 250. In the DS version, the Cap is 999.
- In SFC, Shiren's maximum level was 70. In the DS version, Shiren's maximum level is 99.


- Kiguni King Axe and Kiguni King Shield: available only in Kiguni dungeon (one of the new ones).
- Prism Shield and Geiz Shield: available only in the "Death" Dungeon (one of the new ones).
- "Weapons De luxe", "Shields De Luxe" and special bracelets: Special items only available as possible reward of rescues.


- Division pot: one of the better pots in the SFC game, obtaining this pot and 2 "bring out" scrolls made possible obtain unlimited items. I think it's no longer in the DS version to make valuable items "more" valuable.

- Wizard Shield: Had the power to reflect the magic attacks. Pretty cheap item.In the DS version there is the "Prism Shield" which changes the effects of the magic attack to fixed 10 damage.

User Info: gabikun

11 years ago#3
Also, something important: When Shiren levels up, in the SFC version always got 5 HP. In the DS version, shiren can get from 3 to 7 HP per level up. That means, at level 10, shiren can have from 45 to 85 maximum Health Points, depending on luck.

User Info: LordGek

11 years ago#4
Something probably worth adding that I think Gabikun can back me on, items now have their own probability of dropping. Basically all items possible in SFC (based on how many runs you've made, quests you've completed, and the dungeon you were in) had an equal chance of dropping now, years later they can skew the weight of items dropping so some are common and others are very rare (although what items are even possible to drop is still based on how many runs you've made, quests you've completed, and the dungeon you are in).

Am I right on this, Gabikun? I'm sure I read this somewhere but then YOU have the officious guide that probably explains this a lot better.

User Info: gabikun

11 years ago#5
There is nothing in the guide about this. But I know there are different item lists for shops, change pots, and normal ones (scattered when you arrive a new floor).

About rare items, I think there are not based on runs in table mountain, because I got one Manji Kabura in a "transformation pot" before finishing table mountain yet.

I know that the items dropped by the todo's family (the sea lion) are from the "transformation pot" list, and that means you can get rare items as "Revive seeds, Silver arrows, Manji Kabura and Rasen Shields".

Also, there are items only obtainable in shops at first (table mountain) as the dragon shield and the dragon sword.

User Info: gabikun

11 years ago#6
I don't want this thread deleted, so go up :P
Amine Hsu Nekuchan 11 years ago#7
Should be stickied, this board needs a good info topic like this for people wanting to learn about the game.
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User Info: Cacticus

11 years ago#8
I've heard that Bufu's Knife works slightly different. Or was that the staff? In any case, what's the story?

(Also, check my Quote.)
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User Info: LordGek

11 years ago#9
I'm pretty sure that aspect carried over exactly as how it worked in the SNES version.

There may be an extra step now needed to unlock the staff in the first place from the original, but I'm not super sure about that. Just be sure to talk to everybody in town.
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