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rama_sama 1 year ago#1
After I realize the hard way that materia inventory has a limit, I've been converting almost any dupe materia that I know I can buy/steal or easily make with fusion.
So I'm wondering about the more high level materia and how limited are they. Maybe not that high level, but I guess the question I'm trying to make is, what materia you simply can't make an infinite amount?

I'm reading an old guide I have of the game where they explain the whole fusion system and I'm thinking about the materias of the "status speed attack" category such as: poison twister, poison aerial, etc. You get a few of those in certain mission but outside of that, it seems you can't get them anywhere else. You can fuse them but you need another one of the same category (or sometimes even the same one :/ ), and the only one you can buy is the one with the highest rank, status strike. I've been trying to downgrade but either is not possible or I'm not understanding something correctly.

Anyone of you know which materias you can't make an infinite amount?

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