Red Materia save edit (Haruyuki)

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User Info: XseriesFan

1 year ago#1
Years ago I was looking for a save edit for Haruyuki's Red Materia save that didn't completely destroy the game with 100% maxed everything on everything. I've gotten no results and gave up. I couldn't do anything to make it work. Fast forward years later and I've wanted to give this game a spin again. I apparently still had my old save downloaded from them, and thought to give it another go thinking that people might have gotten more information on it, but alas there's nothing still.

As of this moment, I've modified my stat values to save back down to the proper values at their levels but I cannot keep the HP, AP, and MP at the proper levels. I've even modded down my level back down to 6, but the invisible exp counter says I need to be at 99 so I can't even stay low level without sticking Curse on me. I've done all I can to try and make a hard mode save file with all the goodies but without gamebreaking stats.

Now, I did do more digging and I'm really mad at my past self for not finding this post:

CRISIS CORE FF7 [ULUS-10336]. New Game ++, Slot 2. Base level & stats. All materia are mastered + 'RED' materia, max supply items, max money. No key item, no cleared mission, anything else are still locked.

Now at this point, I'm very sad to have missed the opportunity to get this years ago and Haruyuki is not an active member anymore so I can't ask them for the save file.

What I'm looking for still remains the same albeit an addition to the list. Any one of these will do, but more is better:
1) The cwcheat used to add the red materia, cause I can't seem to find it no matter what,
2) Looking for a way to hack it in myself or modify them so they don't add 999 to whatever stat,
3) A way to edit the save, or any save
4) The modified save that was referenced by Haruyuki 9 years ago.

I can't seem to find a way to obtain it outside of posting here and hoping someone can help. Perhaps I can try posting other places but I happened to come back here first.

PS: I have CWCheat, I've gone into the hex editor but I have no idea what I'm doing in there so perhaps I'm going in the right direction?
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  3. Red Materia save edit (Haruyuki)

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