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  3. Happy 9 years, Crisis Core

User Info: AJRC323

1 year ago#1
Still an amazing game all these years later. Square, remaster this for it's 10th year! ( Yeah, I know. They've heard it a million times. )

User Info: CrayonBoy

1 year ago#2
I am not ready to let go of this game yet ^^

This morning I changed quake to darkness since I have regen. At this point -- I completed everything other than the main story itself -- damage output isn't that important (kinda OP already) and darkness looks kinda cool and doesn't use MP. Running out of MP at this stage is kinda frustrating, and quake + dualcast isn't as fun as expected ><
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User Info: NefarioussNess

1 year ago#3
I can't believe it's been 9 years....

User Info: LordTacoshima

1 year ago#4
Just started a new game this morning. I never actually ever finish the game because I don't want to see Zack die. Too many feels.

User Info: Fallacia

1 year ago#5
I highly suggest finishing it just to appreciate the planning and writing. Even going into the game knowing exactly how its supposed to end didn't prepare me for the end of the journey. Many feels were had.
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  3. Happy 9 years, Crisis Core
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