I just ordered this off of Amazon.

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  3. I just ordered this off of Amazon.

User Info: Ame_no_Murakumo

1 year ago#1
What should I know before going in?
PSN ID: Sazaiel | Gamertag: Lil Mojito

User Info: l_Xanato_l

1 year ago#2
Avoid forums, YouTube videos, and Internet searches related to this game until you beat it. First playthroughs are almost always the best when you don't know what to expect.

User Info: CrayonBoy

1 year ago#3
I went into my first playthrough blind (since I don't read Japanese LOL) and it was a bit difficult tbh, but manageable. If you are into challenges, then don't seek out those game breaking accessories. It all depends on your play style! Some people don't like the DMW wheel (like slot machine) but I totally love it so take advantage of that special feature!!

This is still one of my BEST PSP games (ever) and after watching gameplay of FFXV, I am back playing this (and type-0 after a long break). Tabata Hajime is Da Best !!! !!!
YuGiOh/ FFVII: CC/ Dissidia/ Type0/ X2/ TO/ P4G/ Ao no Kiseki/ SnK I & II/ SRW ZIII/ Nobunaga: Ascension/ DR 1& 2/ VLR & ZTD/ Steins;Gate
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  2. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  3. I just ordered this off of Amazon.

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