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User Info: Darksun45230

11 years ago#11
[4.5] How do I power level Materia?
Note: Thanks to Grdot for the following information.

First you must have:
Moogle charm (Sold at Sector 7 Shop.)
Unlock 10-3-2 mission.
Darkness Materia to help you finish the mission.
2 Fire Materia LV1 (buyable)
Basic Materia for Fusion:
Slot-1 (Materia)= Fire LV1
Slot-2 (Materia)= Fire LV1
Slot-3 (Item)= +95 (green) Magic booster item.
It will change Fire LV1 +20 magic/+19 magic, don't bother it.

Use the same method to earn 99 Magic Booster item then fuse:
Slot-1 (Materia) = Fire LV1
Slot-2 (Materia) = Fire LV1
Slot-3 (Item) = +95 (green) Magic Booster item. It'll become Fire LV1 +20 magic/ 19 magic, don't bother it.

Use the same method to earn 99 Magic Booster item then fuse:
Slot-1 (Materia) = Fire LV1 +20
Slot-2 (Materia) = Fire LV1 +20
Slot-3 (Item) = +95 (green) Magic Booster item.
It'll become Fire LV1 +40 magic (this is the highest.)
Then, back to basic Materia method until you get Fire LV1 +40. Stock it as many as you can.
After this:
For example, you want to get Curaga +999%HP.
Curaga [master] + Fire LV1 + 40 = Curaga with +20.
Combine it until you get Curaga +100 magic.
If you want to make 999%HP on Curaga:
Slot-1 (Materia)= Curaga +100 magic
Slot-2 (Materia)= Fire LV1
Slot-3 (Item)= Fat Chocobo Feather
It'll become Curaga +999Hp

Not all Materia can be fuse with this method, but "mostly" it can be done. For me, this is the cheapest for adding Materia status. Try to use some item when you combine it to get maximum status faster.

Good Luck.


User Info: Darksun45230

11 years ago#12
[4.6] What’s the best Materia set-up?
This is the basic cookie cutter set-up endgame. It’s widely agreed to be the best; but nothing is set in stone.

Curaga HP +999%
Costly Punch HP +999%
Gil Toss VIT +100
Graviga SPR +100
Quake MAG +100
Darkness ATK +100

You could mix the stats above as long as you ended up with the same combination. Here is a quick list on how to get them.

+Level Cure to Curaga. Combine HP Ups from Sector 8 Shop (unlocked when completing Mission 6-2-1.) The best tutorial comes directly from nunuu’s Materia Fusion Guide:

Basically, it consists of constantly using Potions and HP Materia.

A=HP Up HP+50% (2 x HP Up + 80 Potions)
B=HP Up HP+50% (2 x HP Up + 80 Potions)
C=HP Up HP+100% (A + B + 60 Potions. Yes, its 60 Potions here not 80.)

Now do another round of A + B = C so you have 2 x HP Up HP+100%.

Repeat everything above to get yet another HP Up HP+150% Mash the two HP Up HP+150% to get HP+220%.

Keep making either HP+50% or HP+100% and combining them with the HP Up Materia that already has a large HP value next to it.

Alternatively, you can substitute Potions with other HP-increasing items. However, take heed of the boost limit for those other items.

Note that this above method DOES NOT COME CHEAP since you'll be spending quite a bit of time buying (or stealing) Potions and HP Up Materia. Also take into account that the higher the attribute, the more SP is needed to successfully complete a fusion.

+Steal two Goblin Punches from the boss at 4-4-4. Then combine with a Mastered Dash Materia (Unlock Happy Turtle Shop by treasure chest in 4-3-6) which should make Magical Punch. Master Magical Punch and the second Goblin Punch to create Hammer Punch. Once again, Master Hammer Punch and Master Libra, combine both to get Costly Punch.

+First of all a few questions need to be answered about Gil Toss. Why do we recommend it? It ignores defenses. Plus if you don’t want to spend a heck of a lot of time leveling Materia this a cheap way to complete those quick run-through challenges. As it ignores defenses it’s a good way of fighting Minerva. However others have substituted this for other things like Dualcast or such.

In order to get Gil Toss steal from Scissor Devil or get in a chest as early as 4-4-4.

+Simply level Gravity which is gotten from Genesis Deleter.
+Buy Quake at Wutai Secret Shop unlocked in Mission 4-2-6.
+Get Darkness in Mission 4-4-2.

User Info: Darksun45230

11 years ago#13
[5] The Side-quests
[5.1] Missile Mini-game
When: During the Mission in Chapter 3.
How: After you leave the warehouse you’ll automatically be launched into a mini-game involving cutting missiles in half. The trick is to time your attacks.
Reward: 1000 Gil and 500 Gil extra for getting a perfect.

[5.2] Green Light Extinguisher
When: See above.
How: Right after finishing the Missile Mini-game, you’ll need to find all the green Lifestreams and enter the house you were in before (spoiler material so I don’t mention who, but you’ll know.)
Reward: Ether, Soma, Elixir, and Phoenix Tail for each Lifestream you touched.

[5.3] Wutai Spies
When: At the start of Chapter 6.
How: You must talk three times to each of them.
1st Wutai Spy: There is a man on the Northwest side of Loveless street.
2nd Wutai Spy: There is a Shinra Soldier at Slum Market of Sector 5.
3rd Wutai Spy: In Shinra HQ, climb the stairs to the 2nd floor and talk to the man who pops out the elevator three times.
4th Wutai Spy: There is a woman at the top of the stairs in fountain area.
5th Wutai Spy: In the Shinra Exhibition Room, talk to the dark skinned man.
6th Wutai Spy: Talk to the boy in the Slum Street (east).
Why: To unlock Missions 6-2-1 through 6-2-6.

[5.4] The Seven Mysteries of Nibelheim
1st Mystery: Talk to the boy in town and choose to play with him. Examine the Water Tower in the middle of the town to get Phoenix Materia.
Reward: Phoenix Materia

2nd Mystery: (Save before doing this or else you’ll lose the Innkeeper and won’t be able to finish.) Talk to the boy again, this time head to the Inn’s second floor and examine the painting of the girl. Go back and talk to the boy. Return to the painting of the girl to discover that she is missing. On your way downstairs, the Innkeeper at the counter will leave and go upstairs. Follow him and wait until he goes inside the room. After the event, talk to the boy.
Reward: 2000 Gil

3rd Mystery: Talk to boy again. This time go on the eastern road out of town and head north into Mt. Nibel. Grab the chests along the way and eventually you’ll open two that contain Bombs. If you beat them quickly you’ll get a Golden Shard.
Reward: Golden Shard (make sure the Bombs don’t blow up), Safety Bit.

4th Mystery: Your goal here is to break the safe combination. After talking to the boy head to Shinra manor. There are four rooms where you look through from the peephole. Each room will correspond to the number on the safe you have to enter.

Room One
Where: Northeast on the second floor.
How: Count the books not on the shelves, however the books on the top shelf count and those on the chair. This number is hardest because it can frustrate a lot of people (even me.) If it comes to it, guess (like I did.)

Room Two
Where: The bottom floor main hall, in the room to the east.
How: Count the Funny Faces (monster) but beware they disappear for a moment or so. And some hide in the corners so be sure to search.

Room Three
Where: Western room on the second floor.
How: Count the blue Banora apples and the apple can. Do not count the green potions.

Room Four
Where: The west door in the main hall.
How: Count the chairs.

Reward: Opening the safe with contains Cactuar and a Mastered Critical Slash.

*Return from the Reactor in order to finish the rest of the Mysteries*

User Info: Darksun45230

11 years ago#14
5th Mystery: Get access to the basement after visiting the reactor. Fight a Sahagin and get a Coffin Key. Use it and visit ole Vincent’s coffin. You don’t see anything though. After this report back to the boy.

6th Mystery: Head back to the underground going south. Try to leave and you’ll experience storyline scenes. For reasons I cannot tell you (spoilers) you’ll have to save the boy’s mother. Walk into his house and find your way around (try using the window as a map) and save her in less then a minute. If you fail you have to start over.

*After making your way out of the mansion after the incident*

7th Mystery: After leaving the manor you should get an e-mail from the boy. To the eastern road and find the fence. There should be a shiny yellow dot, retrieve this for Wall Materia.


[5.5] Where are all the parts for The Wagon?
The wheels are found by a man by a car in LOVELESS Avenue, the instructions are found under a Shinra helmet by the church, the wood is found in the Slums Market, and the last part is also found by the church.

User Info: Darksun45230

11 years ago#15
[6] Ask & Answer (Spoilers)
Beware! This part contains spoilers of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII. I advise all people who have yet to play this game to stop reading.

Who will I see in this game?
Vincent (Just his coffin)
Cid (He’s in a letter about the space program)
Cait Sith (as a summon)

Where’s the point of no return?
The point of no return simply means you can no longer return to Midgar. This happens when you go to Nibelheim.

What’s with the wings?
The wings that many people have (Genesis, Angeal, Sephiroth) are from the experiments that created them, but also symbolize freedom for those who have none.

Who is Cloud?
Cloud was never actually in SOLDIER, he was just your basic Shinra infantryman who became friends with Zack. Through the ordeals of the game, he comes to believe that he is Zack, which can be noted when he says he is a SOLDIER 1st class.

What Turks appear in this game?
All of the Turks from Final Fantasy VII except Elena appear in this game. Reno, Rude, and Tseng along with Cissnei are the Turks that we see. Rufus Shinra is only mentioned in a letter.

Why are the Turks watching Aerith?
Aerith is the last remaining Ancient, also called Cetra. The Cetra were a race of people that searched for the Promised Land until attacked by Jenova. They sacrificed themselves and wiped out their race, the only people left were a few Ancients and the ancestors of modern Gaia.

Who is Sephiroth’s mother...?
Sephiroth's mother is not actually Jenova, but a woman named Lucrecia.
Jenova is not an Ancient but an alien.

What did Sephiroth do to Jenova?
Sephiroth cuts off Jenova's head. Leaving its body behind (and later brought to Midgar.) He uses various parts of Jenova's body as minions in Final Fantasy VII.

Plot flaw! Zack says he never uses the Buster Sword!
Zack never actually uses the Buster Sword. He either fights hand to hand (which we see during his Angeal Limit Break) and with a different sword or with its blunt end. Because use brings about wear, tear, and rust.
In other words: Gameplay =/= Story.

Plot flaw! A lot of missions don’t make sense!
All missions are side-quests that have nothing to do with the story with the exception of Reigning Deity.

In other words: Side-quests/Missions =/= Story

How come after you leave Nibelheim everything looks normal?
When you leave Nibelheim you see that it is in perfect repair even after Sephiroth destroyed it. This is due to the fact that Shinra is trying to cover up the incident and that four years have passed.

What’s up with Lazard at the end?
Director Lazard is turned into an Angeal copy; which explains why he had the wing. It wasn’t because he was apart of any experiments.

Who were those two SOLDIERS at the end of the game?
Weiss and Nero were sent out to retrieve Genesis and take him to DEEPGROUND. They wanted him to help with their rebellion against the Restrictors, but Genesis refused. This was because he regained his pride as a SOLDIER, and right after this sealed himself away below Midgar to await any threats to the planet. This is also why we see Genesis at the end of Dirge of Cerberus.

What’s Cissnei’s real name?
Cissnei's real name is never going to be released. You name her in the game Before Crisis.

User Info: Darksun45230

11 years ago#16
Fan service - http://www.crisis-core.net/
Interviews - http://forums.crisis-core.net/showthread.php?t=89268
Official Website - http://www.crisiscore.com/
YouTube for Trailers – http://www.YouTube.com
Advent Children - http://www.adventchildren.net/
Before Crisis: http://www.freewebs.com/gunshotromance/missions.htm
Last Order: Final Fantasy VII: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DdGYaFDPlks
Subbed Videos/Gallery: http://silenttweak.net/
GameSpot EUR Article: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6184754.html?sid=6184754&part=rss&subj=6184754

Absolute Steve
,;;Handz & Roaz;;, The eternal ego's.
Crisis Core Review: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/review/R119534.html

User Info: Darksun45230

11 years ago#17
,;;Handz & Roaz;;, The eternal ego's.
Crisis Core Review: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/review/R119534.html

User Info: ChocOdin

11 years ago#18
Good Job, I'm impressed.
I'm pro thought, are you?

User Info: Spartan72

11 years ago#19
Just like to add, Mission 9-4-5 provides for a good gil maker. I don't know of any other good methods of getting gil, but if you equipped a Precious Watch and run around for or more killing tonberries, you will have enough gil to buy a Genji Helm if you still don't have one. Or maybe you just want alot of gil, thats a simple method lol. BTW:

Tonberry Guard's (Small Blue ones) drop 5,000 gil.
Tonberry Kings (Giant ones lol) Drop 10,000gil

Multiply that x2 and thats alot of gil for an hour or so.

User Info: HyperNexus

11 years ago#20
If I may, I'd like to add a bit of information about something I see asked all the time: the time interval between Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII. It's asked a good bit, and it's frequently answered incorrectly.


How much time passes between the end of Crisis Core and the beginning of Final Fantasy VII?
Aside from the "to be continued" post-credits scene, the time between Zack's death at the end of Crisis Core and the beginning of Final Fantasy VII is a little over 2 months.

According to the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, Zack is killed at the "End of September," and Final Fantasy VII begins on December 9th.

Source: A translation of the Ultimania's timeline can be found here: http://ultimania.ff7compilation.net/timeline.php

Also, that Ultimania translation site is full of useful general knowledge about the Compilation.
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