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[3.16] Can I get past the 9999/999/999 HP/MP/AP limit?
In fact, there are many accessories that do just that. These items include; Gold Hairpin, Adaman Bangle, and Black Hood.

[3.17] What’s the best accessory?
The Soul of Heike, while giving you the ability to surpass 9999/999/999 HP/MP/AP it also has a wide variety of extra abilities. The only downside is you are cursed when you wear it. Here’s the bad news, it’s only obtainable when you’ve completed all missions.

Now about the Genji accessories, though they are difficult to obtain (complete D.M.W entries, obtain from missions, ect.) they are often worth the investment. Take a look at In-depth Gaming for more info.

[3.18] Are their still random battles?
Yes. Since you’ll be walking in and around a set field enemies pop up out of nowhere. There is however, a trick, to avoiding them.

[3.19] Is there a way to avoid battles?
You bet. It should only be used sparingly, if at all, when you’re low on HP/MP/AP or maybe you just don’t want to fight. Moving along, you simply ‘hug’ the walls.

When I say ‘hug’ I mean you walk along the side of the walls. These small, tight corners don’t yield enemy encounters, and if they do it’s not very often. If you practice this, you’ll reduce your encounter rate to almost none.

[3.20] What’s New Game +?
To be frank, it’s a New Game with all current data brought over. You keep a lot of things from your last play-through. To be honest, there’s no challenge.

What you keep: Stats, Items, Accessories, Materia, Gil, and DMW percentages.
What you lose: Missions, All the faces on the DMW, the Buster Sword and cool hair style.