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[3.10] Are there any miss-able things?
Yes in fact. Such things that can easily be missed like Phoenix Materia (without it you can’t complete the DMW ergo no Genji Armor,) Side-quests such as Wutai Spies. Hopefully this FAQ has covered all those things. Refer to Side-quests for more information.

Respectively though, double-check because I may have overlooked something without realizing it. Please, if you do find something, post it so others I can change the sticky so that everyone else can benefit.

[3.11] I heard this game was easy, what gives?
Sadly, the game is easier then Final Fantasy VII in several ways. Players new to the action games will find it a challenge though. If you’re anxious to see some difficulty, try Hard Mode (USA exclusive.)

In addition to Hard Mode try Curse Ring at the start of your game. To do this, at the beginning of your game check your locker exactly twenty times until you receive it. Equipping the Curse Ring will increase your stats by ten points and increase your HP/MP/AP by 10%. The Curse Ring will stop your D.M.W Reel which in turn stops you from leveling.

It’s confirmed that the EUR release will include "additional gameplay challenges not included in the original Japanese version." As for the US version, we can only pray that they didn’t forget about us.


[3.12] I’m new to Final Fantasy VII, what are Limit Breaks?
Limit Breaks are special commands that can only be activated after getting hit a lot. Or at least those were the rules in FFVII. In Crisis Core, Limit Breaks are faces on the D.M.W, and when all faces match a Limit Break is activated. For each face, there is a Limit Break.

[3.13] I’m not new to Final Fantasy VII, how do I summon!?
Unlike Final Fantasy VII where you only had to consume a vast amount of MP to summon, in Crisis Core you must first defeat the summon monster in a battle found only in missions.

When you’ve defeated the summon monster. You can then get the summon monster activated sometimes during D.M.W reel. There is no way to activate them on whim like in Final Fantasy VII.

There is Materia that makes summon monsters/limit breaks/Chocobo mode happen more often. They’re available in shops.

[3.14] I got creamed by this boss, I thought you said the game was easy!
This is Battle 101 here. Tips for battle include finding a way behind the enemy. If you can find a way behind them, every blow will become a critical hit. Try it as often as you can. But watch out, as certain enemies have counter-attacks for behind attacks.

It’s kosher to dodge a coming blow or block it. By blocking a blow you’ll receive less damage, by dodging you can avoid it altogether but it needs to be timed.

When in doubt use Cure, when there’s time, use items. When in a fight it’s often better to use magic like Cure to heal yourself rather then scrolling for items. It leaves you open to attacks from the enemy.

When in serious doubt try leveling up before a boss fight. Try to memorize its attacks before making the first blow. Each boss has their own ‘tells’ to what they’ll be doing next. Always be on the lookout.

[3.15] Huh? Wait a sec! How come my max HP/MP/AP all increased?
When you get a limit break your HP/MP/AP are all increased by a certain amount according to the benefits. To get a better understanding of this I’ll show an example.

Suppose you have 540/540 HP. And you happen to go into battle, now suppose you get a Limit Break and before that that attack is activated your HP/MP/AP (depending on the bonus you get) increases past it’s maximum. The only thing you have to know is that the extra points disappear after you use them. They’re not permanent. In other words the increases to HP/MP/AP are little extras.