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[3] Gameplay

[3.1] Is the leveling system different?
You level through the DMW system. While there is no visible experience count, many speculate a hidden counter that tally’s up kills/hits/hidden experience points. As for Materia it may rely on having them equipped to armor.

[3.2] What is the battle system like?
It’s different from what you remember in the PSX Final Fantasy VII. Instead of turn based combat it has evolved into action based combat. Try to imagine a battle system like Kingdom Hearts with the Materia system in Final Fantasy VII!

[3.3] What’s Materia?
Materia is the base for all abilities in-game. They are stones which are attached to slots in your armor; you are limited to a small amount at first but given time you get more slots. It’s cool.

Materia is separated into sub-categories:
Magic Materia allows us to use Fire, Blizzard and Thunder, Materia. Magic takes away from the MP gauge when used.

Command Materia allows us to use abilities or special attacks such as Spin Attack, Jump, and Critical Slash. Using Commands take away from the AP gauge when used.

Independent Materia gives us extra stats, such as 10% HP/MP/AP, or added points to our Strength, Vitality, Magic, and Spirit stats. Independent Materia is passive, so you don’t need to activate it during battle.

Support Materia lets us use passive abilities during battle. Letting use see the enemies health, defend or attack with/against status ailments, and even use a special point (SP) to turbo boost your abilities.

[3.4] Okay, HP and MP I get, but what’s AP do?
AP is the gauge that acts like MP when using Commands. Commands come from Command Materia which enables you to attack physically, rather then using Magic. This is done because of the large variety of Command Materia newly available.

[3.5] What are accessories?
Accessories are what you wear, like armor that gives you certain stats and beneficial abilities. Not all accessories are meant to good though. Like many who search for a challenge, one might be tempted by Curse Rings.

[3.6] What are shops?
Unlike the previous Final Fantasy’s, Shops are assessable at anytime by selecting Shops on the main menu. But like most things, there is a catch.

You must complete missions in order unlock shops. Shops carry many things, including summons, Materia, accessories, healing items, and more. You can shop anytime the main menu is available.

[3.7] What is the D.M.W Reel?
It’s difficult to explain. The D.M.W Reel is both Zack’s Limit Break indicator and his leveler. Rather then letting me explain here are a few links that can do a better job then I ever could. I say this because the D.M.W reels are meant to be seen not explained.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crisis_Core:_Final_Fantasy_VII
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMtks1Ryld4

[3.8] Do you lose SP the DMW spins?
It costs 10 SP to make the DMW spin. SP can be gained by simply hitting an enemy, but can be lost by getting hit.

[3.9] Do I get to play side-quests? What about a side-quest boss?
The side-quests in this game are made of missions you can do on the side. Most side-quests, you are traveling around in familiar terrain defeating enemies. Some involve defeating old bosses and obtaining Summons, like, for instance, Ifrit.

Minerva, the strongest boss fight, is the final mission only doable by beating all other missions. Make sure you talk to everyone as you progress or else you will some key missions.